Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Short Walk

This morning our level of Dog Island Ass had decreased dramatically and I wanted to take a walk.
As I mentioned before, walking is one of the main activities available on the island and one I enjoy. Mr. Moon wanted to go with me and so we packed up some water and took off down the bay to the west and then proceeded to do what we so often do which is to completely misjudge time and distance.
By the time we got back we had been walking for two and one half hours and Mr. Moon has a blister on the bottom of one foot.

I am famous for this. One year Jessie and I came down to the island for her spring break and every day I would coax her out for a walk and swear that it would just be a "short" one and every day we'd end up walking halfway around the island. By accident.
So now Mr Moon and I have seriously relapsed into DIA and I'm sure I'm sunburned on top of everything. It was a good walk, though, and we were able to see firsthand the shifting shape of the island, the constant reapportioning of the sand.
The part of the island known as "the narrows" is just about to be known as "the channel between Little and Big Dogs." Here's a house which was built as a bay front house and which still is and yet which is also now more than intimate with the Gulf.
Okay. I don't know where that picture is going to be but it's in here somewhere.

I also found two Moon shells, one quite large and one enormous.
I was thrilled.
And we took a dip in the Gulf and saw stingrays and needlefish in the bay and many pelicans and those tiny birds which run before you on the beach and I know they are saying, "Why are they following us? They are still following us," and so forth until they remember they can fly and rise up all as one, having taken wing all aflutter and we laugh and plod on with our earthbound human feet, sometimes on dry sand and sometimes splashing through the saltwater and when we got home we sighed with relief and had a beer and some shrimp.

Oh lord. It's been a good day.


  1. Will you find me some shells? I wish I could get some of those :) I collect shells and rocks at every beach I go to and put them in small mason jars on my mantle with candles. They are like little alters to the places I've been and loved.

  2. Your life... so amazing, so real, so earthy. Each picture takes me there. I would love to visit this island. Love to have a love called Mr Moon. I will look at the full moon this month and conjure him up. Take each moment of bliss that you live to your heart and breathe.

  3. love that you're running these photos larger.

  4. Those are some incredible moon shells! And that stilt house is amazing, though I think I'd be pretty freaked out trying to ride out a storm in it. (Or even owning it and knowing it was enduring a storm, whether I was there or not.)

  5. I can't get enough of your Dog Island, I was so pleased when I saw you'd posted again, with shells and a stilt house and white sand, blue sky.
    I'd never even heard of Moon shells, they are wonderful.

  6. Beautiful place, beautiful photos. It looks so clean, now, did it get oily?

  7. You're so lucky to have that place.

  8. SJ- Mmm..
    Well. I do have a lot of seashells. I suppose I could send you some.

    Anonymous- Please don't conjure my husband to be yours! No, just kidding. I know what you mean. Thank-you.

    Angella- I have no control. It's just what the iPhone posts them as.

    Ms. Fleur- It sure is. Was. I'm back now.

    Steve- It wasn't built over the ocean. That's just happened recently. I believe that's the house where the coast guard had to come in and save all the people in it during that last storm.

    bugerlugs- They're pretty cool shells, aren't they?

    Maggie May- It's a very calming place.

    Jo- Nope. Didn't get oily.

    Jill- I do know that. For sure.


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