Thursday, September 6, 2012

No Title

All I have to report today is that the firespike is blooming and Gibson has a new tooth.
And other than that, I'm just letting the universe take care of itself.
I'm sure that'll work out just fine.


  1. I read all of this and Michelle is most magnificent; her strong arms and big smile and all the right things she said. She's a good mom and she keeps her man in line, o yes she does.

    Michelle for president in 2016.

    I missed Mr Clinton cuz I was working (sigh) but I'll catch him today.

    XX B

  2. Sending a hello to you and hope you're doing okay today. I haven't been able to read/comment for awhile due to my hectic work schedule. I guess Gibson's tooth caused his little fever the other day? Anyway, just thinking of you. Sweet Jo

  3. And the universe just happens to be doing a fine job without our meddling, I guess.

    I had to crack up, though, reading Anonymous' comment about Bill being a womanizer. Lordy, lordy, lordy. Bless her or his heart.


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