Sunday, September 16, 2012


Mr. Moon got home and I was so quiet and I was on the bed, reading the New Yorker and I stayed quiet and he came in and read for awhile and then we both fell asleep and it rained hard and then it stopped and he got up and he's washing my car and trying to get the paint off where I accidentally skimmed the fence pulling into the driveway one day and also all the bird shit and cherry laurel cherry stains and waxing it and I've done nothing but go collect two eggs, both unremarkable except for the fact that eggs are miracles. You know. Regular miracles. Every day ones.

I feel squirrelly and have had thoughts all day about things like maybe starting to spend a month every year either in Mexico or Roseland, all by myself and thinking that maybe this is what I need to do or maybe I need to go to grad school although there is nothing in this world that grabs me and makes me think ooh, I would like to do THAT, not one damn thing but being a writer and if sitting here and writing here every day twice a day isn't being a writer then I don't know what is. Fuck it. I'm never going on a book tour anyway, they mostly don't exist any more. Here. Let me print you out a few thousand of my posts and staple them all together- that's a book, right?

I have a stapler.

I just finished reading a book that was one of the worst pieces of crap I've ever read. I'm not even going to say the title. It was written by a woman whose mother was famous and whose husband is famous and she was on the TeeVee for awhile and Jerry Seinfeld tells her she's really funny but honestly, she's not that funny. On the page at least. Maybe in real life she's funny. Her only trick is hyperbole and even in a short book with big font, that can get old fast. She's cute though and is on the front cover in a bathing suit and on the back cover in a maid's uniform (don't ask me why) and yes, I am bitter. She actually refers to a house she was living in as looking like it was built by Habitat For Humanity.
I don't think that's funny. I think that houses built by Habitat for Humanity look like love and hope with walls.
Maybe that's just me. Maybe that's funny to people who grew up fabulously rich with famous mothers. Maybe that's what passes as piss-your-pants hysterical for people who never lived without running water.

Sundays are just hard and that's true for many of us.

I am so imperfect that it's stunning. I just wanted to tell you that.

I have the boys tomorrow so I'll have something cheerful to talk about then.
May not be funny, but at least it'll be cheerful.

My lips miss Gibson's face. That was not meant to be funny. It's just the truth.

Yours in bitterness...Ms. Moon


  1. I hate Sundays...I've had the damn black dog with me all day.

    My lips miss my little ones' faces today too. Always on Sunday.

  2. I love how you describe Habitat houses - yes!

    But please tell me the book & author. I must know so that I don't accidentally read it and get very upset.

  3. SJ- It's like a physical thing, isn't it? Lips wanting baby-face.

    Nola- Just don't read a book with a woman in a polka-dot bathing suit on the front and a French maid's outfit on the back. (Ali Wentworth)

  4. I don't think it's funny either Mary. It's simply mean-spirited and snooty.

  5. Rubye Jack- So do you think that the publishing industry is following the Reality TV industry? i am wondering.

  6. You've got the computer and the stapler and the material and the audience. Write the book and they will buy it. You are for sure a writer. You could do it as a series of chapbooks.

    ok, this is the third time for the capcha. third try, last try.

  7. I don't find that funny either about the 'Habitat for Humanity' houses. Weird comment if she was trying to be humorous...

  8. OH, I just saw the name of the author in your comment back to someone. I don't think she's funny either! She tries way too hard.

  9. Kristin- I don't have the desire to staple pages together. Is that wrong? And yes. The verification words have become evil.

    Nicol- A Cabot. Her mother was a Cabot. As in Henry Cabot Lodge. Whatever.

  10. I have had a quiet Sunday. Glad that yours was okay. It does sound good to have a month to yourself.

  11. I get that longing to be away and to be alone at that awayness, a lot.
    I dunno.
    Maybe just do it.

  12. God, if I could make it to Florida I'd do it for you...the staple thing.

    I'd separate and coordinate them all for you. A chapter on religion. A chapter on politics. One on mothers, that would be a good one. Well actually the religion one would probably be the best. A chapter on hypocrisy and there's probably at least one or two on Love, in it's many forms, you talk about that a lot. ut oh....I think I might have just given you another compliment...sorry. Hope you're laughing.
    Anyway, have stapler, will travel.

    PS: Do you want to be holding a chicken on the cover or just sitting on the porch in your slip - drinkin' a beer :)? (or was it a martini?)

  13. Use one of those Mr. Clean Erasers on the paint. I will come right off, no scuffs or scratches. I know this well as they have removed a rainbow of colours from my car.

  14. Mama said there'd be days like this. But they still suck. Mr moon is probably at a loss and so he's washing your car, trying to take care of you.

    I'd write more but this kindle fire is hard to write on. Just know this. That man loves you. Now go book a week in Mexico, you goddess writer you.

  15. O gawd, I love you, miss thang. In Haiti, the Habitat for Humanity houses were pretty fine. So the author you speak of is just an idiot.

    There are those that get published and those that don't and it doesn't make sense but sometimes it's who you know and shit.

    Honey, keep writing. You have devoted fans, including me.

  16. If you get around to stapling that book together, I'll read it through twice. Maybe three times. XXoo to you and your writing.

  17. Syd- I'm thinking.

    Deirdre- I thought of you in Paris.

    Liv- I don't even own a slip to tell you the truth.

    Birdie- This was more than the magic eraser could handle. I promise you.

    Angella- You're right. I know you are.
    Thank you.

    Beth- Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    Denise- You too. Thank you.

  18. Maybe not grad school per se. That is so freaking expensive and full of bureaucratic bs, BUT... taking any kind of class that you find interesting or where you will be in contact with interesting people who are not in your regular orbit... I think that can great for many reasons. Like maybe you can take a class in Mexico. (Not on Mexico, IN Mexico! during the month you will be staying there.) :-)

    Yes, if you are not taking a class you ought to be teaching one for sure!
    xo m

  19. I had five minutes today, so of course, it's your blog I visit.

    I love you. And I agree about Habitat for Humanity. A bitch doesn't sound too damn funny to me either.


  20. Sundays are hard because the thought of tomorrow's Monday again would be killing us. Another set of week for load of works. Anyway, that's the challenging part.

  21. As a retired English and journalism teacher, I say you are a writer in the best sense! You blend words and ideas is such a creative way and bring in deep themes at the same time. A+



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