Sunday, September 16, 2012

But No Gays Allowed

Angry beyond words.

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  1. Repellent in every way. There's something positive, I guess, in that all of this shit is finally coming out. Sort of the flip side to the outrageous damage that the internet and better communication does as far as sickening videos' capability to ignite religious insanity in the Middle East.

  2. This kind of depravity will never end until all of us together, especially those in authority, take a hard-line approach against the perpetrators. Very disturbing.

  3. Weird to note that these organizations shelter perpetrators while excluding "gays" wtf.

  4. Elizabeth- There is that. I guess.

    Nancy- And the question always remains- why do they not? And the answers which occur to me are horrifying.

    Laura- As if pedophiles were gay. No. They are pedophiles. Most of them straight. I think in light of this knowledge, it is absolutely absurd (as if it weren't already) to realize that the BSA has forced lesbian moms out of their positions as pack moms. Or whatever they call those Cub Scout mommies. Jesus.

  5. I never liked the Boy Scouts. Thought it was BS and now that is confirmed, along with being filled with evil.

  6. Yes. I am all those things, but not surprised at all.

    It's funny, I always thought my dad was suck a mean guy because he would not let me attend the Brownies or the Girl Scouts or really any club where there was a some adult running it without he or my mom being present. Now I think just the opposite.

    It's sad, but anytime there is a situation where you have the weak vs the strong in a physical sense, we have to be very very careful and never forget that humans are predators with brains. I hate it that I feel forced to think like this, but I'd rather have to be a little paranoid if it keeps my child from having to endure some unimaginable trauma.

    I'm so sad about all of it, but glad it is finally coming out, because I think it's been a huge problem that has been swept under the rug for generations.
    xo m


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