Monday, September 3, 2012

Apalachicola River

Two more river pictures and I have gone down more rivers in the past month than in the past five years probably and it was a good day and my sweetie gave me a mermaid lamp he bought in Apalachicola and Jessie and I are sunburned and I met a darling four-month old pitbull named Mud Bug and Gibson has a little fever.

That has been my day. And I am so tired and am waiting for my sheets to come out of the dryer and I shall take a shower and make up that bed and stretch out on it and it will be heaven.

I hope my grandson is feeling better tomorrow. He's been sweet but sleepy all day and has wanted his mama to hold him and so she has.

And Jessie and Vergil will have to leave for home in the morning and I have to go to town and buy a new coffee pot because I broke mine (the carafe) and I am using a teeny-tiny coffee maker that was in my mother's house and I have to use a paper towel as a filter and it works okay but Jesus. Coffee. You know. When Vergil saw that I'd broken that pot last night he said, "Well, might as well call off tomorrow."
He knows me so well.

Life. The rivers of it all.
Thanks for being one of the rivers which sustains me.
All of you.

Good night.


  1. Right back at you.
    Good night xx

  2. I've thought before that you write like a river. The words twist and flow smoothly; there are few short or choppy sentences in your posts. Maybe the poet in your soul speaks in longer than average bursts and draws strength from flowing water. Enjoy the peace and comfort of your clean sheets and sleep well!

  3. I hate that broken carafe thing. Why the heck haven't They come up with unbreakable coffee carafes?

  4. I recommend the stainless carafe. not breakable and keeps the coffee warm for hours (if you were so inclined to leave some in the pot that is)


  5. I use a French press for my coffee, which I LOVE, but that doesn't solve the breakability issue, since part of it is glass. I am the same way about coffee. It is the first thing I take into my body in the morning and when I want it, I want it. No waiting around.

  6. It seems like you've had a good, full week with visiting with family and today with your trip to see Mr. Moon. Has he caught a gator yet? I hope little Gibson feels better and that you sleep peacefully on your clean sheets tonight. Isn't a nice, clean bed wondrous when you're really tired? S. Jo

  7. Might as well call off tomorrow. That cracked me up. I have the stainless carafe now, after too many broken glass Mr. Coffee pots.

    You have had a full week. Glad Gibson's fever broke. I'm sleeping in new, clean sheets tonight. I can't wait. Also can't wait to see the new mermaid lamp.

    Sweet dreams.

  8. My world would stop turning without decent coffee. Fact.

    I guess there are worse things to be reliant on :)


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