Friday, September 28, 2012

Too Little Time, Too Many CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!

I feel like I'm so behind on my life which is absurd, because my life is exactly whatever is happening right at this second and that's all there is to it, nothing more, nothing less. The older I get, though, the more of a routine freak I am and anything that comes along to disturb that, my sacred routine, throws me off and makes me a little crazy(er).

It's all sort of been like that picture. Bits and pieces of everything strewn around, they fit somewhere, they all go together to make some sort of sense, right? And all that really matters is the fact that it all has to do with love and taking-care and, well, I don't know. 
Birthday cake? 
Mr. Moon got new glasses. Isn't he handsome? Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head have plenty of optical eyewear choices. 

Okay. What was I talking about? THIS is what I'm talking about...distractions. Or, something.

We had a great time taking care of the kids last night. They were happy boys and Lily and Jason had a good time, I think, going to the new bar for fancy cocktails to celebrate Lily's birthday. Gibson was the funniest little thing. He got the tiniest bit fussy at the end of the evening but then he settled down and was happy again and then his mama and daddy got home and he lit up like a Rockefeller Center Christmas tree and when his mama grabbed him up he looked at me with such love and started chortling as if to say, "Now! Now I have EVERYTHING!" and he did and we got home about 11:30 and the boys will be here for me to take care of them in less than an hour. 

But I didn't even walk today and I haven't answered comments and y'all have given me some of the sweetest and funniest comments lately and I love and cherish them all. Believe me. I wonder if all bloggers love comments the way I do. Appreciate them the way I do. I actually and really lay in bed and think about them when I'm falling asleep. They are my money in the bank, they are the candied pecans in the spring-greens-and-granny-smith-apples-and-goat-cheese-salad of my life. 
Thank-you for each and every one of them. 

So, I wanted to say that and I need to go wash a few dishes and make a bed before my grandsons get here so this is going to be a slut of a post, nothing new here folks, man you should see my toenails. You should see my FEET! I wanted to adopt the guy who did them, who turned my beast-feet into works of art. Lily and I had so much fun. (I was so proud of her. When the guys were slaving away over us in the fancy nail salon where the fancy, thin ladies go to get their feet done she said, "So what's the deal? Do all you nail guys have to have awesome hair to get this job?" because they DID all have awesome hair and that was the sort of thing I'd say and it would embarrass her but yesterday SHE said it and we all laughed and we were the only ones in there who laughed, all those other ladies, fancy and tanned and thin were too busy doing things with their phones to even admit they HAD feet, much less that someone with awesome hair was tending to them AND OFFERING THEM BEVERAGES AT THE SAME TIME!) and I need to get busy.

Happy Friday, y'all. 

I LOVE YOU...Ms. Moon


  1. I like to read here and always appreciate your comments here and on my blog. Glad that your feet rock!

  2. Aw, shucks. Thanks for writing, because reading interesting, well written, real words is like money in my bank. I feel like I owe you somedays.

    I thought Mr. Moon's glasses were very cool BEFORE I read that they were new. I like to look at pictures first. (Your header - I keep coming back just to look at it some more. Sigh.)

    I've been bad about leaving comments, I'm reading, pondering and imagining the lovely things I'll say, but I'm busy and tired.

    I'm thinking I could use a pedicure myself. Happy Friday to you, too.


  3. I've started telling good-looking young men that "your mama must love you" because I heard it here. Now perhaps I'll start saying, "Do all you nail guys have to have awesome hair?" too. Thank Moon ladies.

  4. who can focus with such handsome men around? those new glasses rock. and that gibson, understanding when his world is all the way full. such wisdom already.

  5. I just love coming here to read about love, I can almost feel the love.
    Whether it's Mr Moon's locks of hair in the sink, Owen sharing his cardboard house with you, Gibson's smiles and chuckles that say so much . . . And all of the love between you and your beautiful daughters. Even Elvis and his ladies, The mother hens and the chicks . . . draining the dog's ear! . . . And, of course, sunset on Dog Island.
    It is all about love. I love it.
    And yes, I read and appreciate my comments over and over . . . Some of them, I have memorised!
    I just love coming here, thanks Ms Moon x

  6. Jo- Is that a good aw or a bad aw?

    Syd- They so do. My feet. Rock, that is.

    Mel- Pedicures are cures. That's what I have to say about that. For what ails ya. For at least a day. And sometimes we just don't have the energy to comment. I totally understand.

    Elizabeth- Maybe I should write a book entitled, "How To Flirt Southern Old Lady Style." It would probably be pretty short.

    Angella- Sometimes it's sort of disappointing when kids start to talk because when they're still preverbal we can just imagine they are SO wise. But Gibson sure does look like he knows the secrets of the universe. And maybe he does.

    Bugerlugs- You made ME feel loved. Thank-you, thank-you. I finally made it over to your place today, honey. Wow. What a life you've led!

  7. Oh gosh you make me laugh and awe too at how what you call your nothing posts always have such richness, connection and sweetness. I'm glad your commenters have been sweet perfect pecans lately, because I know I have been only an absent nut. But I somehow know you still love me and I sure love you too.

  8. Wait -- you went to a nail salon with male techs who all have awesome hair? Where is this place again? The only nail salon I ever went to was populated by a squad of Korean women.

    I love your description of comments as "candied pecans" in the salad of your life. Now I'm wondering if I put sufficient thought into them! Mine might be more like honey-roasted Planters.

  9. Bethany- You are always nestled in my heart. Always.

    Steve- Haha! You made me laugh. No, ALL of my comments (almost) are pecans. My favorite nut.
    And...Royal Nail Salon, Betton Hills, Tallahassee. Awesome hair. Cute boys. Beverages. Men do go there.


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