Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quiet Morning

I think we are supposed to be up and about, getting ready to go to Wakulla but so far, the dogs and I are the only ones up.

Ah well.

Wakulla has been there for eons. I suppose it will still be there this afternoon.

It wasn't a good night. It's not a good night when you find yourself reading at three a.m.
Well. So what?

This is why coffee was invented. I guess I'll go pack a bag with towels and sunscreen. Go look for the little cooler. Put on a bathing suit. A bathing suit? Hell. I am at a neither-very-fat-nor-vaguely-thin place. My calves could cut stone, however. Well, Wakulla Springs is hardly populated by super models. It is like the watering hole where the lion takes refreshment next to the zebra. Where the hippo bathes next to the eland. It welcomes and forgives us all.

The chickens want out. I think I have lost my tiny rooster, Fancy. The heartbreak of chicken ownership never ends. The ferral cat appears to be living eternally, however. And dogs, of course, never die.

There may be a lesson there somewhere but I have no idea what it is.


  1. Wakulla Springs. Sigh. Enjoy. :-)

  2. The feral cats in my neighborhood disappear like your chickens do.

    I watched "Ghostbusters" with my son last night and Bill Murray was SO young. I thought of you.

  3. And I was just getting to know Fancy! So sad. I don't think I would be cut out as a chicken mama. I would want to keep then penned up all the time for protection and that's just not how it's supposed to be.

    I know that yow will have a fabulous time at the springs with your family. Now wake their butts up! :)

  4. Ooooh no. I've become very attached to your chickens.
    Well, i wish for you a nap in the sun where no lion comes to prey on you.

  5. I'll be out hiking. Maybe we'll both go swimming. Dear Fancy, RIP.

  6. Have a great day! I'll just sit here staring out at the perpetual rain and dreary sky and try not to get insanely jealous.

  7. That one eyed feral cat is GINORMOUS! He was sunning himself on my front porch and I looked out the window and thought it was some kind of wild cat of the larger than domestic variety. His face and paws are just HUGE. He sort of spooked me.

    Hope you had fun and the springs.

  8. And this is what prevents me from being a chicken owner.

    I envy your legs


  9. Nicol- Oh. We did.

    Blue Gal- He WAS so young, wasn't he? And yet, so...Bill. What a fun movie.

    Mel's Way- They did wake up. We went. It was awesome.

    Denise- No naps but a beautiful day out on the river.

    Beth- I submerged in beautiful water. Did you?

    Mrs. A- I know. It SO sucks. God dammit! I know it's a dog-eat-dog world but I wish my chickens weren't part of it.

    Lisa- We did. Thanks, darlin'.

    Wayne- Well, we had rain too. It was beautiful, though.

    Ms. Fleur- He is huge, isn't he? Did you check out his balls? Jesus, but he is endowed.

    Michelle- You have to be unattached to a certain degree. But if something gets Elvis, I'm going to be so fucking pissed. And sad.

  10. I have to mourn another chicken. Sigh.....
    I know chickens would not work here because there are too many wild animals to eat them.

  11. No, I can't say that I did. He was laying on them at the time, and I didn't think to ask... :-)

  12. I'm awake and read at 3:00 am more than I want to. I guess some nights sleep likes to play hide and seek.

  13. Oh no! Not another chicken loss! I don't think I could handle it. I got emotional when my balcony caterpilars disappeared!

  14. Syd- You could always keep them cooped.
    But yes, it's a hard decision.

    Ms. Fleur- Trust me.

    Angie- Yes! Dammit!

    Steve- I know. I've had to harden my heart.


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