Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Can't Help But Love The Man

To me, Bill's speech was like, "Hey. Look. I'm just gonna give it to you. I'm gonna take you to school. Here's the deal."

And he proceeded to do so for quite some time.

I totally relate. I got no need to charm anyone any more except for maybe my grandsons. Anyone else? I'll tell you what I think and I'll tell you what I see as the truth and if you want to agree with me, fine and if you don't, well kiss my ass.

Or something like that.

And did you see him make Michelle Obama blush? Lord, child. That man has a way with the women.

It was an interesting night at the DNC. I enjoyed every minute of it.

I love Bill. Always will. He was one hell of a president and he's one hell of an American citizen. Plus, he hangs out with Keith Richards.

No, it's not all about peace, love and rock and roll. But when you combine those three things with facts and numbers and a very, very successful presidency, you have Bill Clinton.

Love you, Bubba. Miss you. It sure was fine to see your face.


  1. DITTO! to everything you said in post...Made for a Wonderful Night!!

  2. Chilly Willy was freakin awesome. When he and Obama were going in for a hug, I wanted to run up stage and push Barack out the way and hug Billy... and then push Billy out the way and hug Barack. And someone in the background yelling... get that brazen hussy off the stage!

  3. I didn't watch the DNC but went on YouTube just to watch Bubba's speech...and it was a treat as always!

  4. I haven't seen his DNC speech, but I agree with you anyway! Bill was a good president. I sure missed him during those dark Bush years.

  5. I just watched it. Twice. Might go for three.

  6. He was wonderful. It sure didn't seem like he talked for a long time like they said! Loved your comments.


  7. Blessings- Bill is always worth listening to.

    Nancy- What a great image! I'm with you.

    Elizabeth- I noticed them too.

    Mel's Way- He just talks. I don't think he looked at his notes once.

    Steve Reed- It was a damn cruel let-down, those Bush years.

    Denise- Whoa! Good for you!

    Jill- I agree.

    Georgie- Thanks.

    Anonymous- Ain't my business. He ain't womanizing with me and I ain't married to him.

  8. I was enthralled for the whole 48 minutes (was it really that long?). He was compelling and intense and heartfelt and he actually got me excited about voting!

  9. I love Bill. And he broke it DOWN. I learned so much. Such a smart man.

  10. Did y'all know he's a Rhodes scholar???

  11. Yes, he was and is awesome. One of the smartest people too. I do miss Bubba. But the President is no slouch either. They will rock it on tour together.


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