Thursday, September 13, 2012

Is It Bedtime Yet?

I thought I had skin cancer this morning but it was another tick. An extremely common mistake, I'm sure. I pulled that damn thing from where it had made a nice warm home in the bend of my knee and it made an audible pop coming out.
It may be somewhat cooler but the torment has not let up much. I still break out in new poison ivy rashes and I have no idea where I'm getting them and the mosquitoes still make it impossible to take the boys outside and I told Mr. Moon last night that the thing I am looking forward to most about fall is the cessation of itching.
I think I may have said, "I'm sick of this fucking itching all the fucking goddam time!"

He nodded. He's got all the same things going on. We all do.

And now there's some damn virus going around and everyone is snuffling and complaining of sinus drainage and burning throats and coughing and mild body aches and you know? It's just time for a break. I know it's coming. The pecan leaves are falling, rusty brown and my neighbor's sasanqua is dropping pink blossom petals and the Confederate Rose is budding up for that annual explosion of Pepto-pink and I think I may have mentioned all of this already but dammit, my brain is tired and so am I.

Just tired.

It happens. Luckily, we get to go to bed and sleep at least once a day. Phew. Thank god for that, right?

I finally finished that Stephen King novel. All fifty-nine million pages of it. Okay, really only 800 and something. Here's what I learned:
Do not time travel. It fucks things up.
Really. It has something to do with strings and harmonics. Maybe. Who knows? Not me and not Stephen King either but it was a pretty interesting yarn as we used to say back when the earth was still cooling.

I went to the library to return the King novel and look for that book by Guranatana on mindfulness but did our library system have that book? No. It did not. I got another book by him, though, a biography of someone. I think. Maybe some wisdom will rub off on me anyway. We shall see. Owen and Gibson and Lily went with me to the library. While we were there, we rode the elegator for fun. That's what Owen calls the elevator. Or maybe it's more like elevagator. Not sure. We went up all three stories and then we came down and then I checked out my books. That was my big adventure for the day. Well, that and finding a small inch worm or caterpillar on my leg while I was driving that looked as if it had been designed by Dr. Seuss. It was cute. But I didn't especially want it on my leg. I carefully removed it with a napkin but when I went to release it, the Seussian creature had disappeared. It's no doubt still in my car.

So right now my throat is feeling burny and I'm so tired and my body is aching some but it's all okay. I have some venison meatballs simmering in a nice sauce all full of vegetables to go over spaghetti and a hothouse cucumber that would have made me blush to buy if I had one iota of shame in me about such things but I don't. We'll eat our supper and I might be in bed by nine. It could happen. I have no shame about that, either.

It's been an okay day and the boys are coming back tomorrow and Owen has promised to bring his new blue snake that I bought him at the library giftshop for 22 cents. That'll be good.

I hate that saying, "It's all good," because that's bullshit- it is definitely NOT all good but today I'd say it's all good and I mean it. Not anything completely spectacular or anything but definitely good and it was a tick, not skin cancer which is really, REALLY good.

Let's all get some sleep tonight, okay, y'all?

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Going to get sleep right now, in a second.

    Tell Owen in Ireland we say 'lift' instead of elegator. Much easier!

  2. Bed by 9:00 pm?
    Lately, it's been 8:00 pm for me. I remember when my father used to go to bed at 7:00 pm wondering what was wrong with him. ah well...

  3. Jo- I'll tell him. He'll say, "WHAT???!!!"
    Because that's what he says.

    Rubye Jack- I love bed. I love it so much. It's pathetic.

    DTG- I think it's my favorite ever. Glad you liked it.

  4. I'm so glad you don't have skin cancer. I am glad we don't have the variety and plentitude of bugs here in the NW. Really.

    XX B

  5. I'm itchy all the time too this summer. Every night Mia and I go through a completely OCD mosquito raid and try to kill all the buggers that have gotten in.

    I kindled that stephen king book. read a few pages. looks enjoyable.

    Have you read Cutting for Stone. Kinda like God of Small Things meets Owen Meaning. Awesome and enjoyable. Very easy to get lost in


  6. I've never heard of the Guantanomo guy, but if you can't find his book, I highly recommend anything by Sylvia Boorstein (you'll love her, I think), or Mark Epstein --

  7. Some days it is all good. I treasure those.

  8. Ugh ticks! I had one of those fuckers find his way into my bra and burrow into my boob earlier this summer. When I found it the rational part of my brain that tells me how to properly remove a tick shut down and the "I'm so grossed out" part kicked in and I ripped the SOB out!

    I kind of want to see a 22-cent snake.

    Here's to a good, normal kind of day where life's not perfect but it will do.

  9. That really is the best opening line ever.

  10. Well, I can't go to sleep because I am working nights tonight but I can wish you sweet dreams and that you will fell better in the morning.

  11. I hope you had sweet dreams? I had one that I was pregnant. At my age. What an anxiety dream that was.
    I had some super bad skin cancer almost 20 years ago. Had to have plastic surgery and everything before it became as in the news (the skin cancer). And never again since. Strange.
    I bought that book the other day at the Goodwill for $2.50. Thought that was a good per page deal!

  12. Ticks are high on my list of most repulsive life forms. Anything that sucks our blood, really. Better than skin cancer, but still, yuk. It seems every day I find something new to be appalled at by my aging body and something new to be amazed at out in the world if I can just get out the door. I know that the more I walk, the better I sleep, so I'm trying. I'm going through a phase of strange dreams though, and they are not leaving me feeling rested.

    I've enjoyed all your posts this week, but have been too busy to comment on each one. But thank you for the vision of Owen's imagination and Gibson and him laughing at each other. Makes my heart smile.

    And I'll remember about the comfy porch furniture. Sometimes it's the little things that make the big difference.

  13. All our bugs are hibernating. I've got my winter snowsuit on for the morning walk, gloves, toque.
    The day gets hot as blazes but it's short lived.
    Well come to the frozen north.

  14. Beth- I am not so pleased about the bugs right now. Not so pleased at all. In fact, they can go fuck themselves.
    I wish they would.

    Michelle- I did read "Cutting Stone." I enjoyed it a lot. Mr. Moon does that thing with the mosquitoes. I think it annoys me more than the mosquitoes.
    I hope you like the Stephen King novel. It's...not bad.

    Elizabeth- Thanks, sugar. And there is always Amazon.

    Syd- Me too.

    Mel's Way- I do the same thing. I just grab and pull that little sucker out. If I get Lyme disease, I'll regret that. If Owen brings the snake I'll take a picture. It looks like it cost 22 cents.

    Steve- I know. I can quit writing now.

    Birdie- I would die if I had to work nights. Die.

    Michele R- I'm so glad your skin cancer never came back. Yes, how odd. That is an excellent price-per-page you spent on that book. Totally! I still have pregnancy dreams too. They freak me out.

    Mel- And thank YOU for reading. And taking the time to comment. Honestly and truly, I am grateful.

    Deirdre- You are my hero. You are a goddess.


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