Monday, September 3, 2012

A Morning In A Life

I think I am finally getting stronger on my walk. It felt...not so bad today. I am, quite frankly, thrilled to think that there can be improvement, even at my age. There can be growth.

I tell you this though- it takes longer. One must, as with almost all things as one gets older, have more patience and perseverance.

I need to remember that.

I am going to go down to Franklin County with Jessie and Vergil. Go see my boyfriend, the hunter. Why not? And Jessie and Vergil are leaving tomorrow and it would be ridiculous not to spend the day with them.

Here's a picture that Mr. Moon sent us. I suppose it was last night at sunset or this morning at dawn. I guess there are some very valid reasons to go hang out in a swamp for a week. I guess maybe there are.

I am not sure how it is that I can be this age and still have so much to learn. So much to learn to accept
Well, life certainly does provide the opportunity for growth, for learning, for acceptance, for patience.

Even with one's self. 

Happy Labor Day, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Have a good day. Love that photo.

  2. O honey, I know. I used to swim 60 lengths of the pool, no problem. Now it's down to 30. I just don't want to. I walk a long way, 5 miles or so and on Friday I hiked 7 miles of climb and sweat. BUT. I feel it. And now my dr has sent me a 30 minute exercise thang from Jillian Michaels (the hottie on Biggest Loser) and I hate the bitch. Her workout kills.

    So good for you. I can't do anything in the heat. I guess I'd get up before dawn to walk.

    May Mr Moon come back safe and sound, gator or no.

    XXX B

  3. I envy your ability to walk in the heat. "Too hot" is my favorite excuse not to walk.
    Have a lovely Monday!

  4. Astounding photo. Have a great time with your man.

  5. I don't think we ever stop learning. There is just so much out there to know.

  6. I think Mr. Moon's church is the swamp and forest and the river and the lake. Smart man.

    Have fun !

  7. Lovely photo. So glad you're joining the road trip. Have a fun day.

  8. That's the beauty of life and I'm so glad that we never stop learning. How dull would it be if we did ay? :)

  9. Oh my, that's a beauty of a photo, award winning. I adore it. Wow! Thanks to your mister.

  10. Isn't that the truth? It's the *accepting* of life and all the things in it that can be so tough. Someone once told me to "surrender to what is" and it opened up my mind. Anyway, glad you got to see your man!

  11. Wow! What an amazing photo. It looks like the primeval swamps at the beginning of time.


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