Wednesday, September 26, 2012

He Made A Wish

 The child would NOT pose for a picture. Okay. That's a lie. He posed for this one.

Nice, Owen. Very nice. He got new teeth today. A bit horrifying but that's a three-year old for you.

I snatched this one of him tasting the frosting on his cake.

Auntie May was looking on. That's about as much cake as he ate, too. But he was very patient and even suggested that everyone should finish their cake and ice cream before he opened presents. I was not only impressed, but shocked. He really is a sweet boy. 

It was a good party. His mama and daddy, two grandmothers, two great-grandmothers, a grandfather, two aunts, an uncle, a new baby cousin, his best friend Waylon, Billy and Shayla and a few other friends. 

And his brother. Who desperately wanted to eat his grandfather's iPhone. 

He got lots of cool presents and I think his favorite was a Mr. Potato Head set. A giant Mr. Potato Head with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head inside along with all sorts of new and awesome Potato Head accessories. Let me just say that Mrs. Potato Head is hot, hot, hot these days. She is bangin' in that blond wig of hers. Trust me.

Man. I'm tired.

And tomorrow is Lily's birthday. She and I are going to go get pedicures. I need to go rest up for that.

Night, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love Mr. Potato Head, and I love that Owen loves Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. How fantastic and utterly weird is it that there's a toy that's a plastic potato with stick-on features?

    I always heard rumors of kids who didn't like cake, but my own boys were at it like crack.

  2. Adorable. Do I remember correctly that in the old days we used a real potato--and the toy only came with the stick-on features? Or did I just inherit a 2nd-hand set with a long gone potato?

  3. Love..LOVE the toothy photo..One year we bought all 6 of our Grands those teeth then took the most hilarious cousin photo ever...~~peace~~

  4. Happy (belated) Birthday Owen! Happy Birthday Lily!
    Such a beautiful, loving family
    Enjoy your pedicure Ms Moon x

  5. Happy birthday to Owen, and happy birthing day to Lily!

    Your grandboys are really very adorable, all the more so because they are so sweet too.

  6. I think Denise is right about it originally involving a real potato.

    He is such a sweet boy.

  7. I loved Mr. Potato Head as a kid and also my damn Slinky. Owen has good taste. And he IS a sweet boy. And I am happy to see May May in the photo, because I am a big FAT fan of hers.

    You know I love all of you.


    p.s. I know you need it to prevent spam, but I hate the goddamn word verification because I am batshit OLD and can never make that shit out.

  8. Happy Unbirthday to Owen since I am a day late. But it appears to have been a very good one!


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