Friday, September 21, 2012

We had a serious case of Dog Island Ass today which is a medical condition which presents as extreme lassitude and general sorriness.

I swear. It's a real thing. I'm a nurse. I am not making this up.

But we did manage to get to the Gulf
for some walking and dipping and I saw the biggest...something jump up out of the water, aimed for the sky, arc and dive back in with a huge splash.

I have no idea what it was.

I am in love with the mystery of it all.

The sky is on fire.

I am going to go cook mullet which my husband caught a few hours ago.



  1. That really does look and sound divine!

  2. I hope the cure for your condition remains undiscovered.

  3. This place looks incredible! Is it just due south of Tally? I need to get on Google maps. I love that you haven't seen any other people. Fabulous.

  4. Was it gray mullet? Have you ever read "Edisto" by Padgett Powell? I've just been reading about gray mullet there. I think you'd like the book. It was his first novel and is such a great example of clear voice.

    Your pictures from the island are so serene this time. Loving each and every one. x0 N2

  5. How utterly perfect. I'd love to go there . . . One day.


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