Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's Here!

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for.
First Taste is up.
Old Freddy's done it again and I like it. If you want to see many parts of my house (besides a good short film with some excellent acting) and hear Elvis crow, please- watch this.
Love...The Dead Woman


  1. I like Mary (the character, and you too). Best last line ever.

  2. So fun!!!!!!!!!!! What a good looking film. What did he shoot it on?

    My husband got his start making small, short films like this in film school. I love that you and the Mr. are so wonderfully involved and supportive in that world.

  3. It really is an incredibly good-looking film -- the light, the darkness, etc. I think that Freddie is just so talented. I know that one day we'll be saying that we used to watch his films over on the website of the Church of the Batshit Crazy.

  4. Stephanie- And that line was delivered over and over again by that precious child at after-midnight-o'clock on a Saturday night.

    Silverfinofhope- He filmed it on...I don't know. That camera I put a picture of on the blog the other day. A Cannon still camera? Which shoots video? How can I not be supportive of this boy/man who makes movies?

    Elizabeth- Your lips to god's ears.

  5. I know which one you're talking about, funnily enough!

  6. Eeeeee! Can't wait to watch it later!

  7. I'm so impressed - clearly that's talent!

  8. I wish you would have played the part of the lady in the yellow sweater...she was OK , but you would have been better, you have star power..lol , no seriously, a dead body was an underuse of your star power, but your hand looked really, really good!

  9. Wow! Your house looks so cool and creepy... the stairwell was giving me the goosebumps.

    I like this Freddy of yours. He's so delightfully twisted.

    Lots of fun. Kudos everyone! Excellent!
    xoxo m

  10. PS I like that he thanked Lloyd. And from my little corner of it, Freddy, you are so welcome!

  11. Gothic chic, I loved it. Watched it twice, just to see the house again.

  12. So, is your neighbor's house really for sale?

  13. I loved it! Your house was perfect. Loved this:

    Fred: Hello.
    Vampire lady: You look tasty.
    Fred: I'm a married man.....but thanks.

  14. Lora- Yeah, you wouldn't want the kidlings to watch this one maybe.

    Megan- Welcome to Blessourhearts! Come back anytime!

    liv- Yes, my talent was woefully underused in this film. Haha! I thought Dorothea was amazing. She really worked it.

    Ms. Fleur- That staircase was built to be in movies.

    Mary LA- Gothic chic is a fine term.

    Mandurugan- No. Which is good. They are great neighbors. We haven't scared them out yet.

    Michele R- Heh-heh.

  15. Yikes!!!!
    The title of your previous post, visible at the bottom of my screen, added to the goosebumps.

  16. Nice work for Freddie. I am sending this to some friends who do shorts.

  17. Ack I can't watch it. Says it's private :(

  18. Denise- Fitting.

    Syd- Great! He has a channel on youtube.

    Bethany- It had to be taken down for a competition. It will be back up and I'll repost.


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