Thursday, October 6, 2011

Biology 101

Owen just left with his mama. It was a good day with the boy from nap to egg-gathering to garden-investigating to book-reading to four-wheeler-riding to watching the train go by. We ate pizza tonight with Lily and then she and I gave him a bath and put him in new pajamas and I nibbled on him today and told him he was delicious and he has been saying delicious all day.

When he and Lily pulled out of the driveway I told Mr. Moon that biology had done it again.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that it doesn't matter what I might want to do in this world, as long as I have grandchildren, I am going to be doing that."

And it's true.

Mother Nature does not really give one shit about my creativity or my "retirement" or my anything at all. All she cares about is that I pitch in and help raise up the next generation. It's just like when I was young and juicy and full of lust. That was nothing but Mother Nature goading me on to mate and reproduce. And then that bitch made me fall in love with the resulting babies to the point where my needs and desires and wants fell away into insignificance, paling to the point of nothingness in the face of the needs and desires and wants of my babies.

Does this sound cruel?
Well, Mother Nature is nothing if not cruel. Or biology. Or whatever you want to call it.
This is the way the human animal has evolved. We fall in love and in lust, we mate, we have babies, we drown in the love we have for them.
And then...grand babies.

Would I have it any other way?

Not when a grand baby is leaving and the window of the van rolls down and he is shouting, "One more!" and I dive in to kiss him and he smells like heaven and today when he was so very, very tenderly straightening his grandfather's overall strap that I had to cry with the sweetness of it.

But I know I've been tricked. I know it with every fiber of my being.

Well, that's your biology lesson tonight from the learned voice of the Church of the Batshit Crazy.

I remember when Mr. Moon and I were talking about moving to Costa Rica.

Night, y'all. Sleep well.

See you in the morning.


  1. Biology in it's most general sense. genetics i'll give you. you are hardwired when you were borned, as a female. how that hardwire is tweeted is how you end up as a nurturer. or a babykiller. two extremes

  2. Lefty- Is this my dear Harvey? Interesting thought. Two extremes indeed! Thankfully, I was programmed to be the nurturer. Mostly. Keeps me out of the pool halls.

  3. I did not get the same biology as you did. And I have to say that my wife did not either. Neither of us wanted children but we certainly did have a lot of lust and practice at making babies. I still like that part without the end result being a child.

  4. Syd- You two have fooled Mother Nature! Which is sort of cool. And yes, there is much to be said for the lust even without the resulting babies.

  5. Best biology lesson ever. I think a lot of us have lost our way, and only think about the almighty dollar instead of taking care of our kids and each other. The world would definitely be a better place if we spent more time on our families. Have a good night Ms. Moon and a great weekend.

  6. Costa Rica! Oh, baby that is that last place I could see you. Unless you brought along a bus (most definitely a bus) with everyone you love and your chickens. And your house. And your garden.

  7. Damn those babies. They sucker us in all the time. Must be a built in biological feature that keeps us from eating our young.

  8. I think about this a lot. If it's just my wiring or if I gave up other pursuits because it seemed to me at the time that my family really needed me--and that it would have been to their detriment if I hadn't.
    The only part of this that I feel sure of is that a nuclear family without its extended support system is mighty tough for a lot of people.

  9. Yes, biology is a bitch and a half.

    But at least it doesn't play favorites... or does it?

    Anyway, I don't know much, but I know that is one cute boy.

  10. Biologically speaking, we're only here to make the babies.

    I want to make so many babies, I sometimes have to restrain from talking to women.

    I want to make babies about every 10 minutes. I'd like to make some babies now, but I am work.

    I'd like to make babies with the gal in the office by the coffee. I'm going to get more coffee, and try not to speak to her.

    I wish I could get this Biology OUT of me!!!! AGH.

  11. Mr. Shife- I was commenting on your blog just as you were commenting on mine! You know all about biology. You have studied it well.

    Birdie- Imagine the garden I could have in Costa Rica! But no, I would be too sad to leave behind my loves. You're right.

    Omgrrrl- So very, very true. I sort of want to eat them because they are so yummy when they are babies, but yes, something holds me back.

    Denise- You nailed that one, even in your questions.

    Ms. Fleur- Of course it plays favorites! I think we have lucked out there.

    Mungam- You scamp! You King of Biology! You Maker of Babies! (I won't tell the Baby Mama you said this.)

  12. Oh, she knows, she knows; we had to sell off the other 10 kids to Russia.

  13. No children but Mother Nature conned me into thinking gardening was a fun thing to do. It is heartbreaking and shattering and has changed my life.

  14. And there you have it. The story of my life, right there. At least as it relates to children. i hope i get the grandchildren too, in due time.

  15. that's it exactly. it's why I'm not a sought after by collectors artist, it's why I cried when my son told me he was moving 2500 miles away, it's why I'll never get further than an hour away from my daughter and g'kids.

  16. Mungy- La, Love. I believe it.

    Mary LA- She'll get you. No matter what.

    Angella- You will. Believe me. You will.

    Ellen Abbott- And thus- it is as it is.


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