Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time To Make The Pancakes

I woke up this morning and thought I might write about the protests that are going on everywhere including right here in Tallahassee, the state capitol of Florida. My brother wrote me that he and his son had protested out in Washington State and I have friends here who have protested and I am still pretty vague about it all.

I even called Hank. Hank is my go-to guy to explain everything to me that I do not understand. Hank told me that the protesters are showing their solidarity to the non-rich. Are the non-rich. The ones who are not CEO's and well, the filthy 1%. Hank didn't say that. I did.

I still don't get it.

I never was a protester. I wasn't a protesting sort of hippie. I was too self-absorbed and still am, I suppose. Plus, I was always breast-feeding. I did march on the capitol back in the seventies with about a million other people in support of the ERA, which for those of you who do not know, stood for Equal Rights Amendment which we were trying to get passed which meant that women would have equal rights with men but it never got passed even if Alan Alda did speak.
My brother says he remembers protesting the death penalty with me but I don't remember that and as we all know, Florida still loves its death penalty.

Now I'm not saying that I don't believe in protest and shows of support. I do. I'm just saying that it's not really my way.

Plus, to be honest, I still don't really understand.

But before I could write any of this, I got a call from a man whom I think of as a friend, even though he is mostly the friend of some of my children. This man- well, I respect him so much I can't even tell you and he called me because he's been going through some very deep and uncomfortable questioning and he wanted to talk to me about it and we did talk and it was that sort of really profound talking where you leak hearts and fears and souls about death and life and what does it all mean and how do we live with the knowledge that everyone we love is going to die?

All before ten o'clock on a Sunday morning and as we talked, I looked out on the day and the light and the flowers and the leaves and the massive tall oaks with their moss-bearded branches and it was the perfect time and place to talk and ponder about all of these things.
We both cried some.

And we both felt better, I think, about life in general when we hung up, not because we had come to any epiphanies but because we had shared our thoughts and laughed and cried and that helps, god dammit. That helps. Once again we are as different as two people could be and yet, there is a place inside of us which requires no explanation- we have visited the same places, he and I, on many levels.

And I thought to myself and I am thinking to myself that no, I am not a protester. I am not really interested in a personal level in being one more body to show support. I am more interested in the touching of souls which does not mean I don't care about the issues that are being marched about. It's just that it's the issues of the thinking part of the human which interest me the most, which require my attention.

And that's all right. That is who I am.

Mr. Moon is just back from the woods and I am going to make us some sweet potato and pecan pancakes and from there, I don't know where the day will lead but I feel fine about it already, this day. This weekend has been one of so many separate and surprising events and my conversation with my friend was another one of those.

So that's all. Another Glory-Be moment in this Glory-Be weekend.

Not a real sermon from the Church of the Batshit Crazy. Just a little discussion about how some of us march and some of us ponder things.

One love, y'all.

Glory be.


  1. Mmm...sure would love a recipe for sweet potato pancakes !! I grow bushels of them every year...

  2. Listen -you know I know about the issues and causes and every protest that goes on in this city. But I tell you what -- even I don't understand what this protest is about. I agree that the big banks are pretty shitty. But protesting them isn't going to do a damn thing -it really isn't. Three bills went through the House last week to provide tax incentives for the banking industry. Everyone was too busy building a tent downtown to notice. I don't know. I am so tired of it all sometimes.

  3. I swear you could do a book on the many variations of your pancakes. Sweet potato and pecan???!!? With maple syrup? Genius. Forget the cupcake wars with bacon and maple syrup flavors. Your "Making Pancakes for your Partner" could be a best seller.
    I have so, so enjoyed your past few posts. Not much time to comment or write my own stuff these days but all is good.

  4. Akannie- I'll totally do a pancake recipe post soon. I promise.

    SJ- That's pretty much how I was thinking which sucks the biggest donkey dicks and makes me feel even less inclined to go march anywhere. Shit.

    Michele R- See reply to Akannie and also- thank-you so much.

  5. But at some point, I think that the middle class will get tired of being used and sold out. Maybe there will be a big civil uprising. I don't know. But if something doesn't happen for those who have no job, no health insurance, no home, then I will think and protest. The CEO's can't keep giving themselves bonuses nor can those of us who have ignore those who have not. Something's gotta give.

  6. Amen, sister.


    its the business of souls that is of interest, that really matters.

    all this other is noise.



  7. All this before 10 A.M. on Sunday. Some times there is a need and you must have been the right person for him to speak to. Like you, I am not a protester in the sense of marching. I may be vocal and have an opinion bit I am more the warm fuzzy person who is forever trying to see the good instead of the negative which is rather chicken**** for not really being able to be mad or other.

    Waffles this morning with pecans inside and strawberries on Sunday breakfast and your pancakes sounded so good.

    Glad to be able to try and read my blogfriends posts too since the return. My cold is not helping by the way.

  8. I get a bit squirmy in the face of protesters, but I'm thankful for them because I'm not sure anything would get done without them. I do think it's the ponderers, though, who inspire the protesters, and it all works out. Right?

  9. I'm not a protester either, but I feel like in this case I at least have to give a cheer for them, because before they got out there, there was nothing ! happening. At the very least they give a voice to the hypocrisy of the American dream and shine a light on the breathtaking chasm between the haves and have nots....someone shouting in the dark is better than numb silence.

    And I would love to have that pancake recipe too...yum!

  10. Syd-I agree totally.

    Tearful- I am thinking so.

    Ellen- What a shock your re-entry must be!

    Elizabeth- Maybe I am cynical. I hate to think so, but I think I may be.

    liv- I hope it helps. I do.

  11. Hahaha....biggest donkey dicks.

    You are wonderful.

  12. I'm a fan of protests. They get our attention. But I do not think everyone has to go out in the sun or sleet and rain. There are other ways of being heard.
    And there are pancaaaakes!!!

  13. Anonymous- One of my favorite phrases.

    Denise- Pancakes are more me than protests. Sigh.

  14. Your friend is not alone. I am having the same sort of anxiety and wonderings of late.


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