Wednesday, October 12, 2011


This is the full moon as viewed from my back yard. It is a bit of a shy moon, covering her face with white silk cloud scarves and then peeping back out to show her face.
Or maybe she is a sly moon, not shy at all, keeping her charms and her face to herself.

I don't know.

I don't really feel like talking so much but there's the moon. It's full. I saw it. I took its picture.


  1. I got a full moon for ya. If only I could get shayla to take the pic....

    Love, daddyb

  2. god, I wish I could take pictures like that. That would have made a great opening shot for the movie you were just in!
    Beautiful, mysterious Mother Moon, oh yes, and the one in the sky too :)

  3. Great moon, Ms Moon. We've been having full moons here, too, on our side of the world. Long, lovely and bright nights.

  4. I love that photo. I never get tired of a good moon photo. Who would?

  5. I got a lot of pleasure staring at the word "lunacy" and your moon. I really did. Thank you.

  6. I saw the moon too. I always like when you put those moon pics up and I can remember that it looked that full up here in MN last night too.

  7. You were in my dream last night! You and Owen, and we went to Mexico. For real.

  8. i look at this picture...and i see your beauty.

  9. That is a beautiful picture. I wish I could take good pictures of the moon but I can't.

  10. It was so bright last night, it nearly kept me awake.

    I love you.

  11. That pretty moon speaks a zillion words. She's enough, isn't she?

  12. What an incredible shot! Thank you.

  13. Oh. that's a wonderful picture!

  14. Angie M- Thank-you.

    Daddy B- Haha!

    liv- I would let Freddy use it if he wanted to.

    Elisabeth- Isn't it amazing how that works?

    Mary LA- That's what it was, though.

    Jill- I can't always get a good shot. I feel happy when I can.

    Nicol- And how could we ever get tired of the moon?

    Elizabeth- I can completely understand the link between the moon and emotion.

    SJ- Now THAT's a good dream. I am so charmed you had it.

    rebecca- All of our woman faces in that moon.

    Lois- Sometimes I luck up.
    Has nothing to do with my skill, I assure you.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I took Sominex.

    silverfinofhope- Yes. Very much so.

    Radish King- No. Thank-YOU for coming over to see her.

    Jo- The leaves around it always give it so much character, don't you think? I love the contrast between cold and far away and alive and close.

  15. That is a bloody great picture. (For some reason I'm channeling Hugh Grant.)

  16. And what a great photograph. Love it. The framing with the leaves, the moon through a veil. Gorgeous!

  17. A beautiful moon shot. It will be looking down on me this weekend on the boat.


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