Sunday, October 23, 2011

Not A Day That Will Go Down In Infamy

Well, it has been a spectacularly uneventful day. At one point I decided I was going to get the entire garden weeded but that intention passed as my shoulders began to ache and my fingers began to get sore but I made some good headway and then I turned on the sprinkler.
We're dry again.

I watered the porch plants and as you can clearly see, I have decorated for Halloween.

What? There's a fucking pumpkin and some skeletons. That's decorating, right? That's Halloweeny.

No, the typewriter has nothing to do with Halloween. I am not sure what it has to do with anything but I like it and there it sits.

Nature is decorating herself. The Yaupon Holly is putting out its berries. Here they are, glowing like tiny spot-light lit pumpkins by the setting sun.

I was just thinking that I'd like to take a picture of the chickens when Elvis and some of the hens strolled up. I took a picture of El and Ozzie. I still think of Ozzie as a boy, even though she proves me wrong daily with a nice egg.

She came pre-named so what can I do? She'd probably be pissed off if I suddenly started calling her Marlene or something.

So okay, I just remembered a girl I knew in high school whose name was Marlene. She was like the Marilyn Monroe of Winter Haven High and so I googled her. This is what I found:

Click on the picture to go to the site where I found it.

I could write an entire post on Marlene and then go on to create a novel around some of my brief memories of her but I won't because what if she found me?
Oh god.
Let me just say that her bosoms were sorta like proof of god.
We were in Girl Scouts together. Girl Scouts- where girls discover a lot more than how to make their way through the woods in the dark by feeling for the moss on the sides of the trees.
That's all I have to say about THAT!
(Disclaimer: Marlene never once said or did anything in the least lesbian-ish. That I know of. Really. She had a very nice soprano voice. Now there WAS the trembling-on-the-verge-of-an-affair between two other girls, one who was obviously a girl-who-liked-girls and another girl who was a Very Good Mormon Girl but I can't talk about that either.)

Ah me.

So yeah. Nothing going on around here today. I'm just happy to be able to have tended my baby greens.

Ain't they pretty?

You bet!

And they are going to be incredibly delicious in a nice light garlicky, lemony vinaigrette in about a week. I've already started thinning them out and adding the tiny baby leaves to our salads. Pretty soon I'll be passing up the salad greens as well as the mustard and turnip and collard greens as well as the eggs in the grocery store. Just whizzing right on by 'em.
And the venison aisle too.
Oh wait. They don't have a venison aisle.

They should.


Baby greens, Girl Scouts and pumpkins. Chickens and Yaupon Holly and skeletons.

Word salad.

Add some blue cheese and you got dinner.

You're welcome.


  1. I have nothing on my porch to commemorate the season of pumpkin. Nothing! I do have a bowl of candy on the counter. Does that count?

  2. Beth- Is there candy corn in the bowl? If so, it is a Halloween decoration. If not, it is still In The Spirit Of Halloween and thus, you are safe.

  3. Marlene is a great name for a femme fatale... or a chicken.

  4. "There's a fucking pumpkin and some skeletons"

    That made me laugh out loud. I knew a Marlene too. She had a twin sister named Marla. Marla got head lice one year and our teacher told us to move our desks away from her. Poor Marla. I hope she recovered from that humiliation. I think you should name your chicken Marlene. Or Marla.

  5. Is it Halloween? Oh dear, I shall go put some orange in the vodka.

  6. I had an Aunt Marlene. Love that name.

    That photo was outrageous. You can't make that shit up. So, not only do you not know shit, but you can't make up that shit! By the way, I love the sub-title of your blog.

    And I love you.

  7. Lisa- It was like destiny that Marlene was named Marlene.

    Birdie- We had a Mary and Martha at our high school. They were twin girl-next-door-cheerleaders and I am sure that most of the fellas were in love with them too. Isn't it funny how the stereotypes prove themselves out in high school?
    There will be more chickens. Marla and Marlene will be perfect names for some of them.

    Rubye Jack- You are a girl after my own heart.

    Elizabeth- The photo of young Marlene? And that was BEFORE she got her bosoms. She was obviously cherished.
    I'm glad you like the new header sub-title. It is so perfectly true for me and blessourhearts. I love you too.

  8. Spectacularly uneventful days are the best, and I am glad you shared yours with us. Here is to a spectacularly uneventful week.

  9. Oh, I LOVE the pumpkin on the typewriter. "Scary ghost stories" is what it says. If I had a typewriter, I'd copy you.

  10. That typewriter on the porch looks exactly like the set for Cross Creek.

  11. Laughed out loud at the lesbianish schoolgirl crushes. That Yaupon holly is a beauty.

  12. there was a Marlene that I went to school with. She also had large breasts. She eventually got married. I have lost track of her and what she has been doing.

  13. I love your saucy Girl Scout tales. Laugh.

  14. I keep writing comments and losing them. It makes me so sad. I love your baby greens. I love whizzing by the produce isles too. It makes me so sad now to have to buy that crappy stuff for myself and my bunnies.
    Love your typewriter and pumpkin and skeletons. And you.

  15. Personally I love your Halloween decorations.

    Now more on the Girl Scouts please... :)

  16. Denise- Mr. Moon found me that typewriter at the dump. It is rusted-up but still beautiful in it's old hunk-o-metal typewriter way.

    A- And I mostly write on my porch. The BACK porch.

    Mary LA- Hell, women are beautiful. Period. The end.

    Syd- Have you tried... The Google? Oh, I know you. You would never do such a thing.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- We are twin spirits and sisters-forever.

    Bethany- And I love YOU! It makes me so sad to think that some of your comments here are lost forever.

    Mel's Way- NO way! Well, maybe later.


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