Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Sun Is Out Again

This is a tiny part of my back porch. My Lis gave me that brass planter and I love the shape of it. The doll is one I found at Goodwill and she is lovely with her fan, her lace mantilla which is covered right now with spider webs, as is everything in my house.

She looks a little like Amy Winehouse, don't you think?

She's probably older than Amy would have been if Amy were still here. That still makes me sad.

But I do not feel especially sad today. Not sure why, just as I am never sure why I feel sad but I am just grateful. So grateful.

Last night Mr. Moon and I went to a tiny birthday celebration for our dear Billy's Maw-Maw. She turns 76 today and it was an honor to go and honor her. I took her some roses and a dozen of our eggs, brown and blue, and she thanked me for the "real eggs" as she calls them. Here she is posing with her roses.

I totally stole that picture off of Facebook from Billy. I don't think he'll mind.

Billy was blessed to grow up with the grandparents he had and he adores them and they adore him. "Adore" doesn't begin to cover it, actually.
I could write volumes about Maw-Maw and her sweet husband of almost-fifty-eight years, Paw-Paw.
Billy G. and Nell.
They've recently had to move from way down at the crick, as we call it around here, due to a myriad of health problems but Maw-Maw is a scrappy and determined woman and although she weighs approximately 42 pounds now, she is managing with some help to take care of her handsome husband. They have made a new home in a house near Tallahassee and as in each of their houses over the years, have made bedrooms for their daughter and son who of course are very much grown up and living on their own, but that's the way they do it and so it is in this new house, too.

We had hummingbird cake and coffee ice cream and Maw-Maw had her rum and coke. Billy and Shayla's son Waylon and Billy's sister's daughter, Adah, entertained each other and we old folks sat around and talked and gorged on sweetness.
It was a fine evening and I kept going back for more good-bye hugs from the incredibly handsome Billy G. who said with each one, "We love you, Mary."
I love the way he says my name. I love that it's always "we." He and his bride, Maw-Maw.

Maw-Maw wanted to know if I had a garden in this fall and specifically if I had planted turnip greens as they are her favorite. I have not yet planted turnips but I will put in a row just for her. I love turnips too but this year's turnips shall officially be for Maw-Maw.

We drove home under that full moon and when we got back I took its picture and now the moon has taken her veils and gone to bed and the sun is up again. I drink my coffee and think about the walk I'm going to take and about Owen coming over this afternoon and I sent Mr. Moon off with an egg and cheese sandwich. The dogs watch me to see if I'll let them in the house, the Spanish Lady holds her fan with her delicate fingers.

Another day and one in which I am not smothered in grayness.

And I just got a call from Freddy. "Hey," he said. "Want to do something you've never done before?"
Well. Who could turn that down?
But As I Am is going to be screened tomorrow in Jacksonville at a film festival and he thought I might like to go and dammit, I would! And Mr. Moon said he would go with me and so I'll see my big ol' face on a big ol' screen and Freddy's right- that is definitely something I've never done before.

And just for the hell of it, I'll go ahead and put the film back up here so if you've never seen it and would like to, you can.

All right. Walk! The sun is out. It's time to move into this day which has already been quite busy and will grow ever more so when my grandson gets here.

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. I already love Maw-Maw just from that picture and what you said of her.

    I want to see your face on the big screen!

  2. I heard Owen so clearly when he was in my dream last night. It was his birthday. It was a cute little "hello" from the Moon clan :)

  3. good things, good times, good day --

  4. Oh, you were wonderful in that! "Look, what do you see?" and the expression on your face was perfect!
    Glad you had fun last night, have a very good day today...

  5. Hummingbird cake?! You people eat hummingbirds with frosting!?

    Sorry, couldn't even read past that and the thought of crunching little hummingbird wings with chocolate.

  6. Maw-Maw reminds me of my own dear Granny. Her favorite drink was Tia Maria and we always made sure she had some on her birthday!

  7. I am hugging this whole post with my internet arms.

  8. We were so glad you both could make it and mm&pp were too. I know they had a wonderful time visiting with yall. Thanks for loving my mawmaw and pawpaw.

    Love, daddyb.

  9. That lady is sure holding on to the grass. Look at that smile! Congrats Maw Maw...

  10. Jo- I shall try!

    Stephanie- Fly to Jacksonville?

    SJ- Was he two again or another age? What a funny, sweet dream.

    Elizabeth- A tiring day, my love. I swear.

    Liv- That film was THE MOST FUN TO MAKE! I swear. I will never forget it.

    NOLA- No. Of course not. Google it. It's delicious and very southern.

    Lois- Tia Maria is pretty tasty AND fun to say.

    Lisa- And I am hugging you back!

    DaddyB- It is mighty easy to love you and yours, baby.

    Photocat- You cannot get that woman down for long. She is amazing!

  11. I think the film festival is damned exciting. Wish I could go and see you on the big screen, too!

    Maw-Maw is lovely.

  12. Little elderly women are so dear. I am glad that she had a great time. You and Freddie rock.


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