Monday, October 24, 2011

That Boy Is Coming

Owen's coming, it is cold.
I am thinking about the days when Owen would arrive, a sleepy bundle of baby boy and how I would take him out of his car seat and hold him to me, that wrapped up bundle and how different it is these days when he bolts out of his car seat and demands it all- chickens and dogs and goats and play, play, play.

"You need a diaper change, Owen?"
"No way! Clean!"

Oh, that boy. He's growing up so fast. Before you know it, he'll be potty trained. Just in time to demand the bathroom every time his mama sits down to nurse the new one coming.
I know children. I know their devious little minds.

"Do you love your Mer Mer, Owen?"
"No way!" and then peals of laughter and I attack him and demand my due and I sweep in to kiss his neck, his belly, to squeeze him to me.
"Hide!" he says and we pull the cover up over our heads and we are camping in a tent, hiding from the world, we are Owen and his Mer Mer, we are cowboy and grandmother, we are playing and then a train comes by and he throws himself into my arms.
"Scared!" and his eyes are wide as saucers, he is smiling, he is no more scared than I but what fun to pretend he is, to pretend, to play, to say "No way!" to spend the day with Mer Mer and he is no longer that sleepy bundle of baby boy but a bullet of a boy, a banshee of a boy, a bushel of love, of deviousness, who stomps around in my big red boots, who rides his horse with his cowboy hat on, then pats the horse's head and says "Good boy," and who has ridden into my life with such fierce abandon, who has stolen my heart, who still likes to view the world from my hip.

Owen's coming. It is cold but it will warm up soon and we shall have adventures.


  1. You sure do need all that healthy energy food you make to keep up with Owen! I told my youngest son (you are the "lady-blogger who had that mean rooster once legs-up in the bucket) and he wants me to ask you if Owen ever runs at the chickens in the yard to make them scatter. I think he is picturing how he and his brothers used to chase the seagulls on the beach).

  2. Ready for another Owen day... Looking forward to hear a bit of his day with his mer mer.

  3. Such a sweet portrait of your life with Owen.

    I love you.

  4. Ah, it's love...have great fun on whatever adventures you find today.

  5. And we get a bit of Owen, too, in your words, and I'm grateful for that.

  6. Ah that writing just shot out of you like a bullet too, so crisp and clear and right on target.
    Love it!
    You your adventures with Owen and how you describe his growing/changing....

  7. so beautifully writ. that owen fills all our hearts. and how he loves his mer mer. you are making the kinds of memories that will keep him warm always.

  8. I am so glad that your write all this down. One day Owen will read this. He is a blessed boy to have you.

  9. Yep, what they all said. :) He is blessed, just as the new baby is going to be.

  10. Michele R- Tell him that yes, sometimes Owen does indeed run towards the chickens but mostly because he loves them.

    Photocat- There's a MOVIE!

    Ellen Abbott- So you have noticed that?

    Denise- Yes. Lucky us. We have deep love for each other, that boy and I.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- And I love YOU.

    Mel's Way- Truth.

    Elizabeth- Does it remind you of days with your boys? I hope so.

    Bethany- Every day he changes. Every day he grows.

    Angella- I asked him today if he was going to remember how much his MerMer loved him and he hugged me so tightly. Coincidence? Maybe. But it works for me.

    Birdie- I hope so! I hope it's here for him to read.

    Kori- I know. It's so good to hear from you, baby.

  11. I am glad that you had a good day with Owen.


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