Monday, October 3, 2011

I Am Cold

In my HOUSE, y'all. Fifty-six degrees.
Holy fucking moley!
I am in shock.
Yeah, yeah. I know. Fifty-six isn't that cold but for us thin-blooded old people in Florida, it is.
I found my slippers. I am wearing them.

I haven't turned on the heat. That would be ridiculous. Plus, we're close to almost-out of gas. Mr. Moon called Gas Guy last week but he has not made an appearance yet. I'm expecting him any moment because Yard Guy is here with his Yard Guy assistants. They are mowing and weed-whacking and I-don't-even-know-what out there. It is not peaceful and therefore, I expect Gas Guy to show up to add to the chaos.

I took my first hot bath of the season last night. It was delightful. I have a great tub and a great bathroom. Here's the tub:

Here are some things to look at in my bathroom:

There are a great many madonnas.

And Fridas.

And mermaids.

I spend a lot of time in that bathroom in the winter. In the tub. With a book.

I'd like to go get in it right now but I am not stripping naked in a room with windows on three sides while Yard Guys are here and Gas Guy possibly showing up at any moment. Oh hell no.
Why the person who built that bathroom thought that all those windows in a bathroom was a good idea is beyond me.

I guess I should go take a walk.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love...(A Chilly) Ms. Moon


  1. ooooh tub envy, big time!!!!
    thanks for the look-see around the bathroom, I would be hanging out there a lot too. Dreamy. I photographed some mermaids in stores on BI for you. Gawd knows if I'll ever get around to sending them.
    Happy Monday from the library.

  2. Frida, mermaids, Madonnas -- delectable.

  3. I have the same shell in my bathroom :)

  4. I love your bathtub. I'd be in there A LOT. I like hot baths including bubble bath. Great stress buster.

  5. Gosh, just a chapter ago there were flies and you exhausted after weeding and air so heavy it was about to crush your house.
    And what a gorgeous bathroom. I'd want to put a couch in there and a good reading lamp, it's so inviting.

  6. Oh my Ms. Moon, it was warmer in MN this morning than inside your house. I woke up and it was 64 in the house and that feels chilly enough! I had a hard time pulling myself out of my bed.

    Enjoy your walk.

  7. Hey..I came over from 37 Paddington...after reading your profile and seeing Robert Duvall is your other daddy I thought we are going to get along just fine! After reading a few of your post I think you write like I would like make me laugh!....looking forward to reading your past and future posts...

  8. I bet the working guys would not mind you taking a bath in that gorgeous bathroom. Love the trinkets. They yell tasteful to me.

  9. It is a lovely bathroom and tubby.

    Marc turned on the heat this morning for a couple hours... he says because he was afraid that nobody would get out of bed if not. By nobody, he meant me and Harley. He may have had a point.

    brrrr! It's colder indoors here than out.

  10. The windows are probably what makes the bath tub so extra special, which is beautiful in its own right btw. Only yeah, you need to have no men in the yard. I love the Madonnas.

  11. 3 windows in bathroom......good. Light in bathroom.....good.
    Peeping Toms....enhh...not so good.

    What about very sheer white curtains .....pulled to side unless you need 'em? (you get all the light inside but peepers can't see in)

    I have huge windows in both my baths, no curtains, and have been known to wave to the gardeners outside while sitting on the potty. I should care? Hell no.

  12. 56!
    it was chilly here last night for sure but the sun came up and it warmed up quite a bit again. I lay down to soak it up before I head back home.
    that bath tub is perfection.

  13. It made me think of Bailey White's Quite a Year for Plums. The bath tub was on the porch, and the bikers came through).... You are those books sometimes!

  14. Tresor?

    And I love your bathtub, and your Madonnas, too.

  15. Bethany- I love mermaid pictures. I love you just for taking them for me.

    Mary LA- Makes me happy.

    Jo- Must have come from the same critter.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- I just gave Owen a bubble bath. I believe his stress is all gone now.

    Denise- I would put a couch in there but there's not enough room. My dresser is in there.

    Mel's Way- Me too!

    AFCG- Well, if you're going to be coming by, which would make me happy, then I'm abbreviating your name! Welcome!
    Also- love your baby RV's!

    Photocat- I'm pretty sure these guys would neither be impressed by me or my bathroom. Well, maybe the bathroom.

    Ms. Fleur- Very true!

    Rubye- NO MEN IN THE YARD! Correct.

    Lo- You are bolder than I. I have many layers of things hanging in the windows but I fear they don't get the job done.

    Ms. Planting- It is heaven, that tub. And very good for bathing small boys in.
    It warmed up here today too.

    Food And Brew Love- I think that one was from Mama Makes Up Her Mind. I adore Bailey White.

    Pamela- I haven't worn it in years but I never threw it away.

  16. Nice bathroom. The tub is so cool. Your house has a lot of character!

  17. Syd- Character and dust. And dirt.


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