Thursday, October 13, 2011

I Call Him Monkey

Owen is being a two-year old today. He is leading me a merry chase. Literally. He has run around the yard stark naked and barefoot, laughing his ass off with me behind him saying, "Owen, Owen! You do not have your clothes on. You do not have your shoes on!"

He does not care. He was happy. He flopped on the ground and had dirt everywhere. Including in the penis area. This did not trouble him one bit. In fact, it made him happy.
He peed off the front steps of the porch. This made me happy. He's such a boy.

He's been eating dogfood every chance he gets. In fact, this is what he's eaten today since he's been at my house:
Mixed nuts
A large banana
A yogurt
Some smoked turkey
One and one half energy bars
Four raw beans from the garden
A wild phlox blossom
A carrot

He has not taken a nap. He has drunk juice and cossie (coffee- warm water in a mug.) He's ridden his horse, he's helped me clean out the hen house, he's patted the goats, we've read books. He's played with his farm, he's ridden his scooter bike. We've collected eggs. He played in the sink with the water and the coffee drip funnel for about fifteen minutes. He's taken Buster for a walk on the leash. He's gone in my office and told me not to come in. He's had a bath and gotten dirty again.

These are the things I can think of that he's done and that we've done. There are others, believe me.

All right. Here's one more thing he did. It's not a very good picture but I was laughing so hard I almost couldn't take it.

That's a boy. Half in and half out of the dog door.

Oh my.

We are ALL going to sleep well tonight.


  1. Dog food and dog doors continue to be the bane of my existence for these very reasons. And by "bane" I do mean "source of laughter and mock sternness". I mean, dog food is pretty safe, right?

  2. go owen, go owen, go owen, go owen, owen go go go go go go go Yea Owen!

  3. What a boy. Lucky you, Ms Moon to share in his life. Lucky us to read about it.

  4. That Owen sure knows how to party.

  5. I would cut back on the energy bars. Or send the ones he is eating to me.

  6. See Kate Run- It's probably healthier than trail mix.

    Rubye Jack- He had to call for help. He got stuck. I pulled him back in, laughing all the while.

    Elisabeth- Thank you for indulging this old grandmother.

    Gradydoctor- Yes. Yes he does.

    Jaye- They don't work for me. Energy-wise, that is. They are delicious though. I am thinking of trying the dog food.

  7. Boys are awesome. Go Owen go. I do believe he and Kyle would have a blast playing together. Kyle is just now becoming a nudist and thinks it is absolutely wonderful.

  8. I do love little boys. Their energy and their simplicity, especially.

  9. Wow, that is what I call unbridled energy. I am exhausted reading it alone. That boy will keep you young at heart. I wonder if he really needs energy bars... ;o))

  10. Sounds like an awesome day. My small one loves dogfood, well, cat food is more her thing, but she'll partake in dogfood at a pinch.

    My millionaire marketing idea is making toddler/small child snacks that look like dogfood. I reckon I could make a mint! :)

  11. The list of things Owen did wore me the hell out.

    I wish I could run around naked and barefoot, but some sonofabitch would surely call the damn cops.

  12. Young children should run around naked and get dirty even in the penis area. And shoes are for going to town. My g'kids were naked most of the time. They would strip off their clothes as soon as they got home from anywhere. Even at 5 or 6 though by then they would keep their underpants on. But the rest of their clothes? Nope. As teenagers though they are quite modest.

  13. I ate some dog biscuits when I was a kid. Not bad. Maybe it is a phase. I try not to get dirt on the penis though.

  14. Syd,
    All southerners worth their salt eat dog biscuits from time to time. My Mississippi family members sometimes did. I do it myself (cat treats, too!) sometimes. It's in the bloodline. The cheese and chicken soft cat treats are especially good!

    I love you and my Mary Moon.


  15. Hahaha! Love the photo! Have you seen those traffic pattern-like sketches of where two-year-olds go in the course of a couple of hours. Lines here and there and everywhere like an etch-a-sketch gone mad on speed.

  16. Mr. Shife- Naked is the natural state of young'uns.

    Elizabeth- They want what they want when they want it. And they have charms to get that.

    Photocat- No. He does not need energy bars. But he loves them.

    Selene- I believe it would have to TASTE like pet food too. It's a great idea!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Someone always wants to piss on our parades!

    Ellen Abbott- Mine were exactly the same.

    Syd- "Try" being the operative word, I am sure.

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- My cat gets no treats. Perhaps I should buy her some and try them myself.

    Denise- I do not have to see those patterns. I know them well. Thank god my legs are longer than his. For now.


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