Friday, October 21, 2011


May just called me. One of the nurses who had been in the ER when she came in after she was hit by the car seventeen years ago was in the restaurant where she works as we spoke.

It's funny. That same guy was a nurse on cardiac at TMH when I was doing my clinicals there about one million years ago and I was pregnant with Lily. He was so sweet to me then and he was like an angel.

And here he is- right now, this second, eating dinner with his wife at the restaurant where May works.

Well. There are angels on this earth.
I do not doubt that.
Angels with wings who float above us?
That I am not sure about.
But angels like nurses and teachers and so forth?
Those I am sure about.

Those I can see and feel and give great thanks for.

Thank you, Terry Schneider. Thank-you.


  1. Yes, I always wanted to do a series of paintings of ordinary people with wings...the angels beside us.

    There's no one floating around, they are standing right beside us. We can often reach and touch them.

  2. PS: except for that one acid trip....long, long ago, where I saw little baby cherubs floating in the clouds and crying.... hmmm? But I've never seen them again...and I'm kind of glad for that :))

  3. Yes, I believe it with all my heart. I don't give a damn for god or gods in any form but angels yes. I've known a few.

  4. Definitely feel that there are angels among us, and glad you got a visit from yours years ago. Take care.

  5. O yes, I do believe there are angels. Watching over us. I have several!

  6. to me angels are the people that are living that come into your life when you least expected it and helped you survive a difficult time. so in that respect, ms. moon, you are one of my angels and i treasure you and your wisdom.


  7. Gives me goosebumps. He must get such a good feeling knowing that he had a part in May's recovery. I mean, she's WAITING TABLES! Probably one of the hardest things on your legs... Amazing.

  8. liv- And why do we spend so much time and effort worrying about the ones we cannot see when the ones we CAN see need love and thanks and affection?
    Yeah. That would be what we might call a "bad trip".

    Madame King- Haven't we all? I think so.

    Mr. Shife- You too, you sweet papa.

    Photocat- And I am sure you treat them as such.

    Mrs. A- Dang. Nothing could make me happier than to hear that.

    Ms. Fleur- I know!

  9. If there are angels, might there also be demons? I wonder some times. I would rather concentrate on the angels.

  10. How odd that he showed up in May's restaurant about the time of the accident.


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