Saturday, October 29, 2011

Guts And Seeds

Okay, it's the Rum DIARY, not Diaries, okay?
I'm such a stupid doody-head.
Ah, no I'm not.
So I went to the movie. I got the senior discount on my ticket! Which amounted to 25 cents. Hellfire, Martha. A fucking quarter? That's all I get for admitting I'm old?
Then I spent forty dollars on popcorn and Diet Coke. Okay, not really. Almost. I reached for a straw for my vat'o'coke and honey, you could use those things to run household plumbing through! Oh, we big fat Americans and our big fat thirsts and our big fat cups and our big fat hungers.
Well. At least I didn't buy Jr. Mints or Snow Caps or any other candy although I did think about it.

So when did they start showing previews as long as movies? I swear, there's some movie coming out in December that I feel like I've already seen. Mark Walburg is in it and it looks VERY dramatic.
Yep. Don't need to go see that one.

There were probably about fifteen people in the theater, which was fine by me. Here's the funny thing- fourteen of them were women my age. I am not even kidding you. Well, some of them looked to be older but that's probably just vanity on my part. Do you suppose Johnny Depp has any idea how much us old ladies love him?

So. There was rum-drinking galore in that movie. And cock fighting and sex and sweetness and Ugly Americans and there were laughs. Also, LSD. It was pretty much fun. I stayed 'til the film quit rolling and was rewarded with a tiny snipped of a Patti Smith song called The Mermaid Song. That was nice, too.

Before I went to the theater I went to Old Navy which is right down the road from the movies. Man, I saw so much stuff there I was sort of interested in. Stuff made in tenth-world countries by children, as I have said before, who have had their little feet removed so that they can't escape the workhouses where they toil to provide us with such delightfully cheap goods.
I didn't buy anything but I'm thinking I might go back sometime soon. That place was packed! We Americans love our cheap goods! I know I do!

After the movie I went to the store and then I came home and Mr. Moon was just leaving to go to the woods and I stood in the yard and told him good-bye for quite some time. The air is cool but the sun was strong on my head and my hair was down for once and I kept kissing his hand and it was a moment of bright bliss and I wish I could remember it on my death bed and maybe I will. Just that moment of kissing his hand and him touching the top of my head and telling me he loved me and saying, "The sun feels good on you, doesn't it?" and it did, oh it did.

There are children next door at the church playing at some sort of Halloween party and their voices and laughter rise and fall and that, too, is sweetness. Elvis is crowing to round up the hens for their final scratching in the dirt before bed and the sun is setting. The white beans are cooked and Mr. Moon is aiming to make the chili tonight so that the flavors will be fully full by Monday. He told me he wants it to be award-winning chili which is so funny to me. Like me going out hunting ONE TIME and announcing that I want to get an 86-point buck. Or something like that. But maybe it will be. Who knows?
Not me.

All I know is that it has been a nice day and I took myself to the movies and I brought the popcorn I couldn't finish home to the chickens and they gobbled it up and Prairie Home Companion is about to come on and I found my Goodwill Cashmere and someone next door keeps calling for Emily! and I might carve a pumpkin, I don't know. I do love a jaunty-snaggle-toothed pumpkin and the chickens would probably love the guts and seeds.

Guts and seeds.

Sounds like a band name or a poem name or a book title to me.

Or a blog post title.

See you tomorrow, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh super-sizes! Oh bargain prices! The things we love are not the things we REALLY love, are they?

  2. Dear Mr. Moon go to the movie too? To be honest, I have never gone to a movie by myself. I have had plenty of movies I wanted to see that some others didn't so I just waited till it came out on Netflix. Right now I want to see "Puss in Boots". So do I brave it with all the kiddies and go see it even though I would be by myself?

    I am wishing Mr. Moon the best on making the #1 chili!!!! Of course you would never hear the end of it would you from him.

  3. Well, I loved your description of the movies and the shopping. Glad you went and had fun. I go to the movies by myself too, it's nicer sometimes than having someone whisper questions or commentary when I deeply absorbed in the show.

    About that chili? I'm betting Mr. Moon has a chance. We went to a neighborhood chili cookoff when we moved here, the prizes were wine, I think. I researched, used my basic recipe but really went over the top with 3 types of meat, and gourmet peppers, tomatoes from the garden, layered spice applications, etc. My husband made his mom's old recipe, everything from cans, the top secret being NOT draining the grease from the sausage or the hamburger. Ack. Guess who won and guess who didn't place? So I'm betting Mr. Moon has a good a chance as anyone else.
    I like that mental picture of you with your Mr., soaking up the sun and the love. Happy Saturday Night!

  4. Ah ha ha---I love Mel's chili cookoff story. Guts and seeds sounds like some new kind of Halloween candy, a la gummy worms...

  5. Denise- No. Otherwise, I would have gone back to Old Navy after the movie instead of coming home.

    Ellen- I love to go to the movies myself and no, Mr. Moon did not go. He had hunting things to attend to. And if he wins the chili cook-off it will be lovely. It's only the bank...

    Mel- Great story! I have no doubt that the greasiest chili always wins. We are having a very nice Saturday night. I hope you are too.

    A- Wait- maybe we should invent this new candy!

  6. I found you through my new favorite blogger Mr. Shife. I am jealous of all of your followers and am impressed by your very extensive bio ;-)

    I am also in love with Mr. Depp and I'm sure he's well aware that we all are. I will be dropping by again, 'cause I just may have found my new favorite!

  7. I admit that I'm sort of hoping Mr. Moon's chili doesn't work. I know that makes me a shit, but I'm just sort of hopin'.

  8. How could you resist the snow caps!

    Cheap goods are the only goods I can afford. I'm sorry to all the little children.

  9. Me: lady, yall's boyfriend is in another movie.
    Wife: who is "yall?"
    Me: you and every other fucking woman.

    Love, daddyb

  10. Also, I agree with Mel. I once won a chili cook off with the following: 1 pack of mccormick's chili mix, 1 can bush's chili beans, 1 can rotel, 1 pound ground beef.
    Love, daddyb

  11. I wonder how you thought the movie was. I saw that it didn't get great reviews. We watched some movies this weekend--it just seemed like a good weekend to relax and enjoy a movie!

  12. I think Johnny would be thrilled that so many older women dig him. He is an old soul.

    I have a special love for the Wahlburg kid. I will call him that for as long as I am around. He will always be the Wahlburg kid to me.

  13. oh how I loved this post, just gorgeous. I'm so glad you carved that winking pumpkin, it made my whole day!


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