Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Do Not Talk To Me About Ungodly

I am sore today. Yesterday besides the walk I did the exercises, you know, and the weights and it all goes to show how very out of shape I am. Oh well, I have a shape, it's just not a very good one although the walk went well and easily and I was prematurely proud of myself for that.

Owen stayed until almost eleven last night and he was nothing but a joy. He sat and ate his supper between me and his Bop, not interested in most of it beyond the tomatoes which he speared with his toothpick and then I bathed him in bubbles and played the beauty parlor lady to wash his hair and then wrapped him up in two towels and he giggled and said he was "cold, cold" and Bop and I hugged him to warmth and I put him in his jammies and we read books on the couch and when his daddy got there, he was snuggled up against me, his eyelids fighting the good fight. He was full of hugs yesterday and he was back to being in love with his Mer-Mer although he did ask for Jessie. It was hard to make dinner because he kept wanting me to "come" and he would hold my hand and lead me to the living room where he and his grandfather were playing with toys and he joyfully serenaded me in the kitchen with an old zinc child's potty and a wooden spoon. "Dance," he said, and I did.

Oh god. The wonder of that boy.

Here is Lloyd this morning, or at least the small part where I live.

A late-blooming rose.

This winter's salad, coming up.

Tomatoes, which may have time to ripen before a frost. We shall see.

The chickens waiting to be let out of the coop. There were three hens already on three nests when I went to let them out. My sweet lovely hens.

Here is Sharon.

I have a passion flower vine which grows along the fence. This is a red passion flower and in three years, it has now made two blooms. Here is the second which I just found this morning.

Isn't that an unlikely thing? Yet, there it is.

I was listening to NPR yesterday, Fresh Air, and Terry Gross was interviewing a guy named C. Peter Wagner and he's some sort of absolutely fucking nuts religious dude who believes quite seriously that Japan's problems are caused by the fact that their emperor had sex with the Shinto Sun Goddess in a ceremony and he also believes that demons can be expelled and he explained very seriously how his wife has been doing just that- expelling demons- for many years, it is her ministry, and she has a checklist, like a medical history form which the possessed can fill out in order for her to know what sort of demon she is dealing with and oh my god, he was just INSANE and who would care? believe what you want, but his organization has, as its goal to de-demonize the world and its leaders and the arts and education and every part of life with their beliefs of prophecy and bullshit and RICK PERRY HAD A PRAYER RALLY WITH THEM and they want to ADVANCE GOD'S KINGDOM and it all made me very, very sick and yet fascinated as he talked about the demons and the prophecies and his complete belief that no other religion but his is valid and in fact, all other religions come from the devil and must be eliminated before the true peace of his god can be instilled upon the world.

Are you fucking kidding me? I thought as I hung the clothes on the line, as I looked up into the bluest sky above me as my chickens clucked around me as I wondered how in hell the loonies have gained enough voice to spew their skewed message of horrible hate leading to peace and how have they gotten a toe-hold into real-life politics and he believes that witches can utter curses which can bring down the godly and goodly, like Sarah Palin, and how they did a ceremony for her to prevent that. And she let them. And she could have been vice-president of the United States of America.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Good morning.
No loonies here this morning, just me and the dogs and the birds and the chickens and the greens growing up in the garden and the eggs being laid in the hen house and the muscles sore and tired and the great globe upon which we walk turning, uncaring as to the insanities of those who walk upon it and their gods, like all gods, will eventually fall into a void of darkness and be forgotten or talked about with amusement.

All things shall pass, all things shall pass away and some of them, not nearly soon enough for me.

Until then, I shall tend what is before me and give great thanks to nothing but the sky and air and world itself and hope with all I have that some sort of sanity will prevail enough so that my grandchildren can live in a world not too unlike the one I love right here, right here, right now, a human woman who has her own demons but they are her own, who believes that miracles occur almost unnoticed every second, who cooks the eggs and feeds her husband, who looks up and feeds her soul with sky, who has no answers but who has too much wisdom to believe she does.


  1. oh my, i turned that interview up and called out to husband, can you believe this? it was like listening to science fiction theater right there with terry gross. who'd have thunk?

    thank goodness for late blooming roses and passion flowers, and a dark chicken named sharon and a woman like you.

  2. Yes! That's what I was thinking. Looooooooonies!

    What a beautiful flower, and a perfect boy :)

    I am remembering that I had passion flowers on my wall, but am not so sure if they're growing now. Hmm.

  3. "No loonies here this morning..."

    C'mon, everybody is somebody's loony. And have you seen that Shinto Sun Goddess? WHooooeee! I'd tap that!

  4. rebecca- I swear. I thought Terry Gross might pop an artery, trying not to say, "YOU REALLY BELIEVE THIS SHIT? REALLY?"

    Jo- Passion flowers are almost scary.
    Kind of like passion.

    goodly Mungam- Who wouldn't? Can't fault the emperor for that one.

  5. There's nothing new under the sun, either. It's just that now these folks are able to spew their ridiculousness outside the carnival tent and into the atmosphere.

    Love you.

  6. Someone needs to de-demonize C. Peter Wagner. What a nut job!

    Anyway, it is indeed a beautiful day and I'm going for a walk!

  7. Oh, what a world. Creatures as beautiful as Sharon the Hen, and Owen. Wonders like red passion flowers and salad springing from the dirt.
    I am always so grateful when Terry Gross interview someone like CPW. Now we know that we must pay attention.

  8. where is my head? I meant to say that I have tried twice to grow one of those red passion flower vines. Not had one survive yet. they are so beautiful.

  9. I was thinking the same thing. It's amazing how a bunch of crazy people can turn something that is supposed to be about loving your neighbor into absolute insanity. It makes me sad.

    On another note, Lloyd seems like absolute paradise. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  10. I can almost smell the soap on the PJ boy... What a nice image! Far from the loonies...

  11. I heard part of that interview, too, and what most disturbed me was the Teflon-implacability of his voice.

    Love passion flowers, especially the greenish kind that looks like it's from Mars. I've never grown them successfully but I should try again.
    With Teflon-implacability, maybe.

  12. Oh my, your posts make my head swim with thoughts. First, I laughed out loud at you dancing on command to bandmaster Owen! Our lives take turns we can barely imagine, don't they?

    Your chickens and flowers are amazing. That red is stunning.

    Those darn nutjobs. I don't know why the pendulum is swinging the way it is, but I just keep thinking Salem Witch Trials. Crazy goes around and comes around, time after time, whenever and wherever piles of people are involved. I wish I were a sociologist so I could study this with an intellectual detachment, see it as a response to an uncertain world, etc.... but the more science shows us the real deal, the more formerly sane people feel the need to revert to tribalism and crazy magical thinking. I just don't get it.
    How do I train my kids to live in this world, now that I've taught them to think for themselves?

    It's a mystery, that's for sure. Thank goodness you are here to help my brain and my heart balance things out.


  13. I love you.
    I love seeing your salad seedlings. Just when things are done here you give me a little hope with sprouting and flowers still. Thank you.
    Love your descriptions, your writings, your spilling of soul.
    It never gets old.
    You are a wonder and a dear and magic to me.

  14. Elizabeth- Did you hear that interview? Dude actually believe that the Statue of Liberty may be demonic.

    Rubye- I should have taken a walk too.

    Denise- Thank god for NPR in general. Really.

    Ellen Abbott- Mine survives, it just doesn't bloom very much.

    MurrBeth- Well, Lloyd is as strange as any place on earth but I do love it.

    Photocat- Yes. The opposite of loony.

    A- The purple ones look alien too. I swear.
    And that man's voice- he was so SURE of himself. Why isn't he in a facility instead of trying to change our government?

    Angella- Agreed, love.

    Mel- Exactly. Witches and curses and demons and magic and fuckity fuck fuck. And he is taken seriously?!

    Bethany- Your zinnas are still blooming. Talking about magic! I have some on my hallway table right this second. Love you, baby girl.

  15. Sharon looks like Whistler's mother in a black-edged cameo. Nobody can photograph chickens like you.

    Religious lunacy gives me the shivers. And the lunatics always end up in politics.

  16. That Sharon is one fine-looking chicken. Yes indeedy.

    The Moms has a purple-blue passion vine. I love it. Your red one is lovely.

    As to the religious whack jobs, I like watching them, but I don't let them work me up because I have so little regard for them. Same for Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. Less than ZERO regard.

  17. Mary LA- Ha! That's exactly what those chickens look like!

    Ms. Bastard-Beloved- Why does ANYONE have any regard for these asshats? I don't get it. And yet, they do, which is terrifying.


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