Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dark And Light

It would be John Lennon's seventy-first birthday today, had he not been murdered.

I celebrate his darkness.

I celebrate his light.

And finally- today- here and now.

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  1. All the good ones get taken too soon.

  2. It's always the wrong ones to go...

  3. I just loved John Lennon, and Yoko too, so very much. I cried when he died. You might say yeah, everyone cried. The thing is I don't normally care when someone I don't really know dies. His ideas and his music were the greatest.

  4. I just ralphed in my mouth.
    Love, daddyb

  5. Ellen Abbott- Perhaps we can only ask so much, you know?

    SisterDoctor- Thank YOU.

    Photocat- By our estimation.

    Rubye Jack- He gave himself to us so fully that we did know him. I love Yoko too.

    Daddy B- You did not. I love you too.

  6. Thank you so much for these three amazing videos/music/Iceland link. I sent him a message! I love John like you love Keith. When I was 12 it was a big deal to learn that I was born on his birthday. Every year on Oct. 9 I wear a John pin that I got out of a gum machine in 8th grade ~ it's an antique now; guess I am too!

    Love is real.

  7. Yes I did. 71 times.
    Love, daddyb

  8. The moment I heard the news . . .I was standing in a dorm my freshman year in college.

    Wow. I couldn't believe it. Such a gentle soul. Murdered by someone Lennon would have believed needed help. Would have had compassion for.

    Such irony.

    And George Harrison, a gentle soul, attacked by a deranged person, too.

    Peace. We never know when death is near.

  9. Very hard to imagine him being 71. He is now forever young in death. Sad to think about it. I remember that day well.

  10. I thought of him, too, but a day late.


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