Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I just listened to forty-four minutes of a taped conversation between Mr. Moon and my mother's insurance company.
And this is what I learned- my husband IS perfect.
In every way that counts.
He never lost his temper. He had numbers and dates and information available. He listened, he asked incredibly pertinent questions, he was polite, he was personable, and yet, he was not going to let them get away with what they are trying to get away with.
I could hear the representative on the phone wanting so badly to help him, yet knowing that she was being recorded by her company as well as Mr. Moon, who told her that he, too, would be recording the conversation.

"Your son," my mother said, before she corrected herself today- "I had no idea he was so good at business."

No, mama, you didn't. And me? I had a clue, but until I listened to that conversation, I didn't really either.

Mr. Moon- you are amazing. The day I met you was the luckiest day of my life.

Love...Your wife. Who is in awe.


  1. It's a superb tactic to let them know you're recording the conversation, too. I used to use that all the time when dealing with the school district, but to do it with the insurance company? Game on, indeed! Bravo, Mr Moon! (No Manx needed, thank you.)

  2. Glad that he taped it. He is a good businessman.

  3. Good work Mr. Moon. You are awesome.

  4. I beg of you to allow Mr. Moon to do the same for me sometime. Seriously. I'll send you a box of lemon blossoms from my garden in January. :)

  5. I once recorded a business discussion and then had to listen to myself going madly illogical, emotional and using the F-word. Mr Moon rocks.

  6. The force is strong with him.

  7. I'm a Mr. Moon fan! Seriously, this is a good thing he did. He's a keeper for sure.

  8. Mr Moon, always a hero.

  9. Yeah Mr. Moon!

    Mr. Moon is to you what A is to me...the one who handles stuff and makes life bearable.

  10. We all love Mr. Moon because he is a damn doll, and he makes your life easier and sweeter.


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