Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fill Up Those Buckets

It's been a day of watering. As I have mentioned, we are so dry here that everything is wilting, slung down and pathetic. I finally realized that if I want to keep certain plants alive, I would have to move the sprinkler about and so I have.

From this azalea bush to that one, to these hydrangeas to those. From the ferns to the camellias. My tiny little cheap sprinkler which I love above all others has been been delivering water to thirsting plants all day.

And I have been watering my own soul today too. I walked, I napped. I read a bit. I made a lunch with broccoli and quinoa and sundried tomatoes. I weeded, I planted. I have been listening to a book which I am loving called Arthur and George by Julian Barnes. I found the largest egg I have ever gotten from a chicken and it was blue.

I have realized, for the one trillionth time, how lucky I am.

I have running water. I can use it to slake the thirst of my plants or to drink to slake my own thirst or to wash my clothes in or to wash myself in. I have these two acres to tend. I have food to cook not just for my own dinner, but for my husband's dinner as well.

I have not cured cancer or found the meaning of life or delivered a baby or even done laundry.
But I have perhaps saved a plant or two. I have planted seeds for new plants. I have had a day of complete and utter peace. I have read poems, blogs, articles in the New Yorker and a chapter or two of a novel. I have listened to many chapters of another novel.

I have drunk deeply of the life I am so fortunate to live and there was not one moment when I was terrified or disappointed. I have spoken to two of my children and they are doing well.

It's been a good day.

And the cardinals have danced in the sweet cool water of the sprinkler and so have the chickens.
I have realized that I have the tools I will have for the rest of my life, be they iron skillets or garden trowels. I have walked paths through the woods and seen Black-Eyed Susans and Beauty Berry.

I have felt contentment, peace and wonder.

Yep. Good day here in Lloyd. Very good day. The world has gone on without me and it would seem that it has survived.

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. I had one of those days too. We stayed at home and got ready for a little party we are having here tomorrow for my sponsor. Lots of baking and getting stuff done. The plants are doing well. The garden is doing well. I am a lucky son of a gun.

  2. You sound happy Ms. Moon. You have a good and enviable life.

  3. :) Have I told you lately what a fine writer you are and that I love coming over here. It makes me feel so peaceful. It's like comfort food.

  4. Remember back in the old days when a person would get a long distance call and say my gosh! It sounds like you're right here. Apparently your blog brings you right here to me because when you said that it has been dry, I thought to myself no, it's been raining all day...

    No Stephanie, it's raining in California, not Florida.

  5. you are discovering what really matters.

  6. Julian Barnes is terrific on the page and probably good in the ear---thank you for that idea, it will make cleaning the gutters more interesting.
    Because as Stephanie says, it IS raining in California... and the hills begin to green up overnight.

  7. Syd- And I am a lucky daughter of a gun. Whatever that means. I am.

    Rubye- And I do know it.

    Nicol- Pass the macaroni and cheese. Thank-you.

    Stephanie- Wow. That's sort of amazing.

    Ellen Abbott- I KNOW what really matters. I do.

    A- Excellent narrator for this audio version. Oh my. If we could only get rain too.

  8. Thank you for the reminder Mary Moon.

  9. Glad to hear you had such a banner day. I love you.


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