Saturday, October 8, 2011

And No, It Hasn't Rained

This is Miss Dolly. She is about two years old and has never, as far as I know, laid an egg. I have never seen Elvis have at her, either. She is at least two years old and I suppose, she would probably be called a "meat" chicken by some.
Here, of course, she is just called Miss Dolly and is a pet.

We have a dog named Dolly too. That wasn't her original name. I can't even remember why we changed it to Dolly. Dolly the Chicken was named for her impressive bosom. If Miss Dolly was a human, she would be stacked.
Do they even say that any more? Stacked? I doubt it.
Back during hippie days, women decided that if men wanted to look at their breasts, well go ahead. Look at 'em, boys. But when you talk to me, look into my eyes.
Words like "stacked" fell out of disfavor.
That is a good thing but I know that men still look at women's breasts when they talk to them if they have impressive bosoms. This is the way of the world. That is biology.
Except for the men who like tiny bosoms and there are those too. Which is also biology.


Now there's a word you don't hear very much any more either.
Women, during the early days of the feminist movement realized that they did not want to be objectified. Which meant to be degraded to the status of a mere object, according to my desktop dictionary. I haven't watched Mad Men but I hear that if you have, you will understand that definition. They probably use the word "stacked" on Mad Men too. If they don't, they're making a grave mistake.

Well, I didn't come here to discuss feminist politics but I will say that I am mighty glad that men may think what they will but by golly, they cannot get away with some of the things they used to as pertains to what they called women out loud. Or that people can't use racist terms in polite company and expect to be welcomed with open arms or call other people queers or faggots or bull dykes or Chinks or retarded or spastic or whatever the hell people call people who don't look quite like they do or sound like they do and hell, I didn't sit down to write this either.

I was just going to talk about chickens.

Here's poor old Elvis.

His moulting has resulted in the fact that he now has one lonely tail feather but it's okay. He has new ones coming in. They will be glorious. I have noticed that he doesn't crow so much right now. I think he is ashamed, knowing that he is not at his Regal Best.

There is not so much difference between chickens and people, as far as I can tell. We humans do not crow so much when we do not feel that we are looking our best. And Elvis takes care of Miss Dolly as much he takes care of the hens who are his sex objects. Oh wait. That's not like humans. Well, it's like humans who are beneficent and who take care of others when they have nothing to gain for it.

Maybe that's what I came here to talk about tonight.

I'm not sure.
But here's a rose for you. It's from a plant that my mother had to leave behind when she moved.

I have a lot to gain from taking care of it. That blossom for one.

It brings me joy.

And thus art and evolution merge.

I am satisfied with that.

We go on. We surely do. Whether we lay eggs or not. Whether we bloom or not.

Life goes on.


  1. My father used to say to his three daughters and my mother, "Nice gams, girls!" I always sort of liked that -- but that's legs, not bosoms. As for bosoms, in the seventies we were still calling it "stacked," but I also remember the word "rack." Ugh.

  2. Oh yes, we do go on. Life goes on no matter what.

  3. Elizabeth- Rack this, motherfuckers.
    Or something like that. How did "gams" ever get to mean good legs?

    Andrew- Amen, brother Andrew. Amen.

  4. Stacked I am not. They are too loose and baggy for that. I am glad. They were working breasts and fed my two children. Even without being stacked my daughter nursed from them almost years.
    Please tell Dolly I said hello and that I think she is lovely.
    Thank you for the rose.

  5. Birdie- I nursed my babies a total of over eight years and I consider my breasts to be holy.
    I'll tell Dolly what you said.
    You're so welcome for the rose.

  6. Ahhh, Sacred breasts, pretty Dolly and haaaandsome Elvis, just another Sat. night in Moonville and a perfect lesson in acceptance of the perfectly not-so-perfect. I needed that, as I was looking in the mirror earlier (what was I thinking?) and it scared me a it seems quite alright. TY :)

  7. I meant to say three years. ;-)

  8. Gawking men are pretty funny in a way. It is biology. But objectifying women is not funny.

  9. In the grocery store lane in the late '70's I picked up a copy of The Women's Room. It rocked my world, changed my life. Stacked, gams, whatever; all that disappeared into a knowingness that transcended that crap. Made me understand my mother's life as well as the one I had, at least partially, bought into. Thank you, Marilyn French, and thank you, the '60's!

  10. Ms Dolly has a fine feathered bosom. Sexist language just changes feet and keeps on dancing -- I get this tired feeling when I read comments on the physical appearances of Hillary Clinton or mad Sarah Palin, things that would never be said about male politicians.

  11. 1. I stare at bosoms, too. Can't help it. Doesn't turn me on, but intrigues me nonetheless.

    2. Holy crap when did I get old? I say stacked and talk about objectification all the damn time (in part because I talk myself into it being ok that I objectify men).

    HotDAMN I'm all about the feminist politics. Thanks for making me realize.

  12. Well, I think we're still talking about objectification. Debating it. My theory is that women enjoy a nice bit of objectifying too, but we do it with far more affection, and far less menace.

    You're right about what people think it's ok to say. I've always been upset by how people use their hatred of political correctness as an excuse to be offensive assholes.

  13. Even a one plumed rooster can make a herd of chickens happy...

  14. gorgeous, gorgeous the name Dolly too.....I always find myself looking at men's crutches I'm not sure why but it's remarkable how many forget their flies and then I'm torn as to tell them and cause embaressment or not tell them but risk more embaressment.....!!

  15. liv- I avoid mirrors like crazy.

    Birdie- Got it!

    Syd- As always, you are correct.

    Lulumarie- I had that book! Yes! It changed a lot. Mostly our perceptions and thank god for that.

    Mary LA- I know. It will never truly end, will it?

    NOLA- Who doesn't love bosoms?

    Jo- There are always ways to get around being decent.

    Photocat- If he's ELVIS!

    Youngatheart- Now there's a dilemma.

  16. We go on whether we bloom or not, loved those last lines.

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