Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Little Bit Of Wonderland, A Little Bit of Zombie Land


Quiet and cool Sunday morning and I made omelets and grits. The omelets had basically the same ingredients as last night's pizzas but were wrapped in eggs, instead of dough.
Vegetables. Can you ever have too many?
I don't know.
I didn't feel sacred or holy making either the pizzas or the omelets.
I felt like- oh, here we go again. More food. Time to eat. More food.

I love to eat as much as anyone in the world. I love to cook. I love to grow food.
Sometimes, I get sick of all of it and wish we could subside on cups of yogurt, eaten with plastic spoons. Open, eat, throw cup and utensil away.

I have no wisdom today. I have no poetry or music.
I think my buckets are empty again. I obviously have some woefully leaky buckets.

Hey. Don't go to Facebook to try and get any sustenance. I have one "friend" there who posts all day long. I think. This person links to every liberal and PC article on the whole fucking internet. It's like- do you have a thought of your own?
I'm being cruel.

But then I read something like Tearful's last post.
He ain't fucking around with PC shit. He's reaching for his gun. He's digging moats. He's tending gardens of roses and burbling springs.
He's making art.

He's THINKING about shit.

I'll trade you one post like that for forty-two pages of Facebook.

Problem is- there ISN'T one post like that for every forty-two pages of Facebook.
There probably actually is, you just have to do like a mole and go underground and find it.

I tell you what- when I do find that one post, I come up out of my dirt-bed and I blink my eyes and I think, "Well, someone is carrying the buckets today."

I'm going to go dig in the dirt now. Those tiny greens coming up are as good as I got on this Sunday and I might as well go hang out with the most good I can find.

As that Tearful Guy would say, Namaste, y'all.
Now go read the rest of what he would have to say if you haven't already.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It's so hard to disengage from FB -- I keep thinking I'm going to x off and then I think of those high school friends of mine and the really funny people I know on there, etc. I've noticed that there are less and less political articles and I think that's good because I'm tired of them, too. As for Tearful -- I love him -- but I'm more of the jump into the fray kind of person, reveling in the humanity than the retreat behind walls. It's a big world, and there's room for all of us. Or not.

  2. You crack me up, crazy lady (that's a huge compliment)!
    Even when your buckets are empty, A: you still show up, B: the legacy of the wisdom you have so generously previously graced us with has a kind of sunami effect and constantly washes over me, and C: even if YOU think your buckets are empty, they are filled with a humble honesty that still inspires ME .... I'll take your empty bucket any day, the residues are enough to fill me. xoxo

  3. Sigh, the tearful dishwasher... in his cave. A deep deep thinking human being. I always think he saw too much misery. No comparing him to facebook.
    Too smart for his own good. Your and his blog are always connected in my mind.

  4. Elizabeth- Oh, there's room for all. And if I jump into the fray, it's from behind walls, mostly, as you know. Am I afraid? Am I cynical? Am I too old to think much of it does much good and that it's best to tend my own garden?
    I do not know. I use every one of those thoughts. As excuses? Or truths? Partly both, I think.

    liv- Well, this is all pretty new to you and you'll probably be overwhelmed with the ho-hummness of it after awhile. But I sure do love it that you're here.

    Photocat- Isn't he? He is my brother in that he thinks perhaps too much- like with the vegetables- is that possible? I do not know.

  5. Ms. Moon-

    You are too generous.

    But I'll take it!

    I am so glad that we found each other in this fucked up facebook heavy world.

    And you carry more buckets than anyone, girl. Full of vegetables and gold and manure and bones, all the stuff we need.

    Namaste, indeedy.



  6. Facebook. Facebook indeed. I just did a cull and got my list down from over 150 to 35. I just keep it to keep in touch with my girlfriends from over 35 years ago and my family. I was getting addicted and it was not bringing my soul joy and happiness. In fact it was bringing me down. I have had a few people add me hack but it has been a couple of months now and nobody even noticed I was gone.

  7. Brother Tearful- Yeah. Well. I never know what to say to you because you make me timid.
    But thanks.
    And me? I'm mighty grateful too for you and yours.
    I mean it.

    Birdie- I know. I should cull. No one would notice. Especially that annoying woman. I really do not spend that much time there and most am silent when I do.

  8. Thank goodness I have resisted FB. I don't think many people I know in the real world would appreciate my liberal views and that I think a lot of things are screwed beyond repair. It all seems so trite.

  9. Oh, I have friends who post all sorts of crap like that, and so many times I want to ask them if they have a single, original thought. But I don't because I'm known as the nice girl, you know.


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