Monday, May 18, 2015

Was It A Dream?

I took my walk and I saw a very large gopher turtle but let me just tell you- those things are pretty fast on those short little legs. By the time I got within photo range he'd slipped down into one of his holes and disappeared.
Oh well. I saw him. I did.
Turtles and iguanas always look so pissed off.
So, speaking of turtles and iguanas, guess where I was a year ago today?
Go here if you want to know.
Here's a clue.

No wonder I'm feeling a bit...disgruntled. 

I'm going to start crying now. 
NO. No, I'm not. 

It is beautiful where I am now. I just walked almost four miles. My garden is looking better than it's ever looked. My children are all good. I'm getting a new grandbaby in about four months. I'll be going to this boy's last T-Ball game tonight.

I have hot and cold running water. 
And. Well. You know. Everything. And chickens. 

But still, I miss this.

And oh, how I miss this.

I'm not going to lie to you. 

All right. I'm going to go transplant a gardenia which is being smothered in monkey grass. Hopefully I can disentangle it from those net-like roots. 

Love...The Once And Former Senora Luna 


  1. You should book a last minute holiday! Just go there anyway. Ha!

  2. I can certainly see why you are homesick for your beautiful Cozumel. I suggest you start planning your next trip the minute you get back from one of these trips. Heck, buy property there! Why not?????

  3. Mwa- I have considered it.

    Joanne- Well, property in Cozumel is as expensive as it is here and besides- if we were homeowners, we'd have to deal with repairs and stuff. But there ARE very affordable places to rent by the month there. Maybe someday?

  4. Oh, I like the renting-by-the-month idea. You SHOULD start thinking about your next trip. It will lessen the longing and give you something new to look forward to!

  5. oh, a month in Cozumel. wouldn't that be wonderful but the cat and the turtle would surly think I had abandoned them. do you think I could take them with?

  6. Methinks it might be time to go back to Cozumel and recharge. I remember that photo of you in the white dress. You look like a fairy child yourself. Gorgeous and happy and light.

  7. You'll go again. It's waiting for you.

    That photo of Owen is the coolest. He looks like he should be on a baseball card.

  8. Dear SeƱora Luna,

    Is that Cozumel I hear calling you? I think it is. Maybe go before the new baby arrives?


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