Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Season Of Growth

Remember when I said that Mother's Day this year was the BEST Mother's Day ever? That's because that was the day that Lily told us she was having another baby.
I had suspected it but had not yet brought up and then, she got me alone and said, "I have something to tell you," but before she could get all the words out of her mouth, I said, "You're pregnant!" and yes, that was the news and I was so thrilled for her and when I think of her baby and Jessie's baby being just a few months apart and being raised together...well. I couldn't be much happier.
She told me that she was a little afraid to tell her daddy. "He's so practical," she said.
"Oh, just go tell him," I told her and she did and he was thrilled too.
And then she told Hank and May, and Jessie already knew and it was such a fine thing, all of us hugging and smiling and getting a little weepy. Lily and Jason are so happy.
She and Jason waited to tell the boys until just a few days ago because she knew that Owen would tell everyone and so he has. He can't imagine anything better than a new baby brother or sister. He says that if it is a girl, her name shall be "Magnolia" and if it is a boy, his name shall be "Oliver."
All will be revealed eventually.

And so it goes, the number of grandchildren I have will be doubled by the beginning of next year.
I can hardly believe it.

And in the meantime, we go on about our business, don't we?

The baby chicks are getting bigger every day and perhaps on Friday I shall let them out of the coop. I have to go to town both today and tomorrow and I want to be here when they are out, to keep an eye and an ear on them. Today I am going to town to stay with the boys for a little while and tomorrow is Owen's preschool graduation, after which we are invited to go to Chuck E Cheese. I have staunchly refused to go to that evil place for decades and have told Owen that I will not ever be going there with him.
"Yes," he says calmly, "you will."
We shall see about that, too.

Pictures from the yard and my walk.

Can you peek into the darkness there and see all of those baby cherry tomatoes?

The first zinnia bloom. I have actually planted an entire row of zinnias this year but that one is a volunteer, seeded from last year's crop. Which were all volunteers.

The growing English cucumber.

A blooming mimosa tree along my walk route. It is alive with bees and fragrance. 

It is truly growing hot now. The beauty berries are starting to form, the blackberries are ripening. The magnolias continue to bloom and perfume the air. Summer is here in all but name. And soon...babies will be coming. 

There is so much to wonder at, so much to be grateful for. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Goodness all around.

    Chuck-E-Cheese IS evil. But the pizza is not bad. Have fun! You may as well get it over with ;)

  2. Good god, woman! I just have lettuce and broccoli and dill peeking through the dirt.....while your garden is full blown. In my opinion, one of the few reasons to live in the south....veggies and roses. (Don't worry, Ms. Moon. I spent 20+ years in south Louisiana, so I have a right to my opinion regarding me and the south!) I will let you know when I eat my first tomato. Probably sometime in August!

  3. Congratulations! On the babies, and also on that fine cucumber! xo

  4. "Yes," he says calmly, "you will." LOVE that boy!

    So happy to hear your good news and yes, there is much to wonder at and much to be grateful for. Not the least of which is your grreen, ggreen garden...beautiful!

  5. Exciting times ahead Mary! And you may have seen that my first grandchild is due in November... I can only imagine how exciting it must be for you expecting numbers 3 & 4 :) xox

  6. I can hardly contain my excitement for you! FOUR grandchildren! Oh my.

  7. Such splendid news!! Magnolia is one of my favorite flowers and love the JJ Cale song as well ("whipporwill singing, on a soft summer breeze"....)Oliver is very cool, too. Good job, Owen!!


  8. My eyes welled up a bit when I read about Lily's tender news, oh I hope she has a girl! Then I saw the zinnia, dang it, I knew I was forgetting something...I'll have to hussle up some seeds or plants, love them so.The names Owen has chosen are inspired!

  9. Congrats Ms. Moon, I remember you wrote that Lily threw her maternity work uniform away when Gibson was born so I really wasn't expecting this news!

  10. I love the names, I really do :) Congratulations to everyone! ♥

  11. Jill- I may go but I am taking my own car, dammit! That way I can make a get-away.

    Ms. Peace Thyme- There is a place for all of us and thank goodness, it's not all the SAME place!
    We would be way too crowded.

    Betsy- Thank you, my dear!

    liv- He's a card, that one. And he knows he has me under his thumb.

    Sandy- Isn't it just glorious?

    Angella- Can you even believe it? How did this happen? (I think sex may have been involved.)

    Barbara- I am not sure these names are engraved in stone yet but I do like them very much.

    Big Mamabird- Zinnias are just the happiest flowers, aren't they?

    Not Blank- Well, I figured that sooner or later she would succumb to the baby angels who hover about.

    Jo- Thank you, love!

  12. Ha! I stress about my youngest getting chocolate milk at school, and then an American PRE-school goes to Chuck-E-Cheese (which I don't know about but can imagine still) - ha! That takes the cheese. It's too crazy.

  13. Nice to see some garden photos. You are going to be a doubly busy Grandmother!


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