Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I cursed myself yesterday.
Woke up this morning with the anxiety raging again.
Should have kept my stupid mouth shut.

Well. It's still a beautiful day and I took a damn good walk. And I know it's feelings, nothing more than feelings...

Fucking feelings. I curse them too.


  1. Don't worry about yesterday. It's ok to revel in the joy and good feelings when they come. More than ok. May the memory of yesterday comfort you today. There will be more days like yesterday. There will also be more days like today. This too will pass even tho it never feels that way when I'm in the grip of anxiety. But it will. In the meantime breathe breathe breathe. And know how loved you are.

  2. I take great joy in reveling in the good days and hours and moments.. a way, perhaps to stick out my tongue at the negative forces against which I feel so small...It doesn't seem to affect whether or not the shitties come back...I hope yours depart swiftly and send a big hug in the meantime.-Carroll

  3. Oh, Mary. That fucking anxiety that reaches up and not only takes away today's joy it sneaks into yesterday's and makes us feel bad for being too happy.

  4. Hi. Sometimes it's electricity not feelings. Let's get through today the both of us. Anxiety is a bitch. I'm so sorry. Isn't it weird that we both live so close to evangelical churches given our strong religious natures?

  5. Unlike the comings and goings of anxiety, I love you every day.
    Ride it out like a surfer, Mary. To the shore. Xoxo

  6. It's not even feelings, it's fucking chemicals! Breathe deeply. Focus on that.

  7. Ah, crap. But the memory of yesterday - that day was damn fine, and there will be more.


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