Monday, May 25, 2015

Last Night, San Diego

So. When those ladies, young enough to be those gentlemen's granddaughters, look at these guys with their big-eyes and find themselves oddly excited, do they feel weird about being so moved by such elderly men?

Maybe. For about a second. And then rock and roll overcomes them and the messengers become the message and it's... all... right... now.


  1. I was teaching high school about 15 years ago and on an out-of-town field trip I insisted some of them come to a movie about the Rolling Stones in IMAX.

    "That is a LOT of thrusting pelvis," they said. And IMAX was probably too much for their fragile sensibiities.

  2. Haha, oddly exciting. :-) Someone's projecting.

  3. My goddaughter, Anna, and her husband, Adam, were there last night. Loads of fun.

  4. NOLA- Mmmmm. Well, yes. Pelvic thrusting is apt to be involved in a Rolling Stones performance. Thankfully, my sensibilities are delighted by such antics.

    Mwa- Oh. I am not oddly excited at all. I am just totally excited. I was talking about the girls in the clip. But yeah, you're right.

    Andrea- Good for them! I hope they had good tickets!


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