Sunday, May 17, 2015

I Have Had The Sharp Tongue Disorder

I couldn't deal with those frickin' violets any longer.
Besides, I really love that new header picture. When Lis was here she showed me her book of vintage postcards which she has collected over the years. They are stunning with fairies and mermaids and gnomes and all sorts of magic and she inspired me to go hunt for older images of this state which I do love so very much despite the snakes and the mosquitoes and the ants and the duck-and-chicken-killing varmints and the heat and the politicians.
I mean, you have to LOVE a place to get past all of that.
And I do. I have.

I've been bitchy today. I mean B.I.T.C.H.Y.
Ask my husband.
I used to be bitchy a lot but have calmed down and mellowed out in my senor years for the most part. But today it arose in me again, that evil spirit of bitchiness, that shadow of former PMS days, and I doubt my poor man has been able to open his mouth once without me snapping at him.
I don't know why. No idea. The reserve of heat left in me from yesterday's gardening?
Whatever. It's far more about me than it is about him, of that I am sure. He has done nothing that I should have been annoyed at and yet, I have been annoyed. If he had brought me a new diamond ring and a platter of fried seafood with hushpuppies, I would found something to be disdainful about. Trust me.

Ah well. It's doubtful that he'll leave me over a day of less-than-sweetness. I did, after all, make him biscuits for breakfast.

We went into town and bought a few things at a nursery. More seeds, three basil plants, some caladiums for me to plant in pots. When we got home he trimmed the wisteria back. It was threatening to take over the house and pull down a pecan tree which it had entwined itself in. I did some more weeding and planted some purple hull peas and pole beans and the basil plants. The guy at the nursery who helped us was so darling. A young man and I feel that surely I must know his mama because he has long hair and a little beard and he kept telling me, "We have cheaper plants than those." And he'd show me where the non-branded plants were and I would thank him and I didn't feel bitchy about him at all, just motherly and grateful.

And now I'm having a vodka and tonic and feel a bit less snappish. Mick is still alive and well and Foghorn Leghorn hasn't come back over to continue the battle. I don't have the energy or need to battle either at this point after sweating in the garden again for a few hours.
I think.
I really don't want to. I love that man so much it about kills me but as most of us know, when the mood comes over us we just have to use sharp tongues and we most often use them against the ones we love the most which is ridiculous. Perhaps it is not unlike what came over Mick and Foghorn this morning. They are the only two roosters around and the blood came up in them and they had to fight.

Well, whatever. This day will end soon enough.

I wish us all sweet dreams and that includes me because my dreams have become even messier and less pleasant than ever lately and I sure would welcome a break.

Greetings from Florida.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Who knows what makes a woman speak harshly? I only know it can't possibly be our fault. We are made outta love, that's for sure. It has been hot in Florida lately. Let us imagine it is just the heat. Which is to say, it can only get worse for a few months. Ouch. I just started reading your blog, and I love it.

  2. Foghorn Leghorn is an interesting name. I'm sorry they fought like that. Sometimes, as you say, we all get mad. I wish you sweet dreams from the beautiful Florida you have pictured. I want iced coffee to your vodka tonic.

  3. Ms. Aging Female Baby Boomer- Welcome and hello! Yeah, the heat is about to hit us. It hasn't yet but it will. We've just gotten a little lick of it.
    I'll visit you. Where in Florida do you live?

    Joanne- I had iced coffee before the vodka tonic. It's all about balancing the chemicals, right?

  4. I love the new header. It's very pretty.

  5. I also love the new header image.I bought seeds, it's such a thing, buying seeds. I also bought some potting soil, which means I gotta actually plant the seeds. The hubs got the water pump up and running again just in time for the first watering. Ah,it has been a wonderful day, up here in northern Vermont...even the arrival of the black flies didn't bring it down. I think bitch mode was an important survival tactic in days not that long gone...that's my excuse.

  6. I had a snappish day, too. I believe at one point I even suggested that we don't use any words the rest of the day. I could almost see the relief in his eyes! I love him like crazy, and I'm thankful he loves me IN SPITE of crazy. Oh my Mama used to say, tomorrow's another day.

  7. Aww, Ms Moon, bless YOUR heart, you make me feel more normal for the times I am snappy when it's got nothing to do with my husband and everything to do with me being tired or needing time to myself.

    Sweet dreams for a change, eh?

  8. I have had those days and have had to force myself to go do something that I know will make me happy. It's funny that sometimes the brain has to be forced into that (mine anyway) because it will get quite stubborn and say NO I don't want to go to the bookstore or the running trail or have a glass of wine. Until I make it.

    And I need to get another rosebush to plant.

  9. This whole week I've had this disorder. And I know it's hugely unfair to Rob, but. My old accompanist, a Latvian woman named Gunta, who'd escaped a shitty marriage in Latvia but also left a career as a concert pianist to come to America to give her son, Nick, a chance to develop his tennis skills, once said to me "Sara, you must be BEETCH if you want anything,"--she was right, but sometimes that BEETCH lashes out at whoever is nearest, not necessarily at the most deserving.

    And yet we're not always BEETCHES, and we are allowed our moments. If we weren't, I'd be in a lot of trouble.


  10. That header is divine.
    And the day has indeed ended. May tomorrow feel a little sweeter.

  11. Foghorn Leghorn, of course, is a Looney Tunes character

  12. I love the new picture!

    It's lucky men don't leave after a day of bitchiness. I would have lost mine too often already.

  13. The new header is AWESOME. I love old Florida images like that.

    We all have our bitchy days. It's not just a woman thing. I am amazed sometimes at how grumpy I can be and I don't even know why.

  14. Allison- Isn't it pretty? I love that one little tittie.

    Big Mamabird- I think we had a lot to bitch about too. Glad that spring is finally there for you!

    Catrina- I am really beginning to wonder if the planets don't rule our moods far more than we know.

    jenny_o- We are all so much alike, aren't we?

    Blue Gal- Part of being bitchy for me is feeling stuck. Which makes it so hard to unbitch.

    Ramona Quimby- I love that. I am feeling so BEETCHY! Not really. But yesterday I sure was.

    Denise- I think today will be okay. It sure is pretty, anyway.

    Portia- Indeed! "I say, I say, I say, son!"

    Mwa- Too true, my love.

    Steve Reed- Yes. But when men are being bitchy they can just call it grumpiness. Why IS that? We women do it to ourselves, I guess, labeling ourselves as bitches when really, we're just a little grumpy.

  15. yes, there are days when just absolutely nothing is good enough. I had planned on doing stuff outside, getting things planted, yesterday until it decided to rain...again. rained all last week and not supposed to stop till Wednesday if then. well, it's not raining constantly but enough to make it impossible to dig a hole in the wet ground.

  16. I get that way sometimes too. Who knows why, maybe disappointment, not enough alone time, weather or the planets. I hope today is better. Gail

  17. love the new header!
    let me know if you figure out the sharp tongue thing. I could use the cure.
    Oh and thanks for reminding me of Foghorn Leghorn!

  18. Love the new header! I had a mermaid dream once. Just looking back for it, your comment on it was hilarious :)

    Wishing you sweet, full frontal dreams.

  19. PS - sometimes you just have to be evil. I mean - your husband goes and kills stuff for fun to keep himself on an even keel. So what if you get bitchy and sharp tongued now and again? :)

  20. Ellen Abbott- We've gotten a lot of rain this spring but nothing like what you've gotten.

    Gail- So true. Who knows? I'm just glad it passes.

    Yobobe- A vodka tonic can help.

    jo- What I said then is still true. Keith Richards and I are yet to kiss.
    Well, at least my husband doesn't shoot at ME for fun.

  21. Jesus, don't even joke about it. It's true that life could always be worse than it is.


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