Sunday, May 18, 2014

Preciosa. All Of It

Okay. I've seen and done so many amazing things today that I can't even begin to tell you. And yet, we've barely left the hotel and when we did, it was to go to the grocery store and then to a restaurant way downtown in the 'hood which has been here for sixty years and yet, this is the first time I've ever been there. Our hotel-neighbors told us about it and I am most ashamed that I had never made my way there before.
El Moro. And Mr. Moon piloted us through the streets and we had to stop once to ask some kids for directions and they pointed and said, "Aqui, y aqui, ye aqui," and he found it and it may well have been the best food I ever put in my mouth. Shrimps Mexican style and I don't even know what they put in there but my god. And the man who waited on us was so dear and brought us shots of Xtabentun which is a Mayan honey liqueur and when we left the restaurant I had a beautiful conversation with four ninos who were playing in the street and who wanted to speak English and we all introduced ourselves and I asked them if they had abuelas and they all did and I asked them if they loved their abuelas and they said they did and I told them about my grandsons and it was simply grand.
I'm going back tomorrow. And then the next day as well.

We watched two turtles having a full-on courtship this morning. The male caught up to the female as she strolled across the cement in front of our room and he got right up in her business and did a little preliminary sniffing and then hustled as she shuffled to position himself in front of her and did a little sweet kissing of her face and neck and then he backed up and got on top of her and got things going and then he backed up and got it done. I probably spent forty-five minutes watching all of this and was a tiny bit embarrassed when one of the employees here caught me being a voyeur but I just smiled and shrugged and said, "Turtles making love." He smiled back.

I met and talked to an ex-pat at the pool. She has lived here in Cozumel for six years and loves it and has no desire to go back to live in the states. Hey. Dreams can come true. Have a dream, hang on to it, make it happen. That's what she's done and I admire her tremendously.

We watched an amazing sunset.
And more stuff that I don't talk about here on the blog but let me just say- love is in the air and not just for the turtles.

Here are the pictures. In no real order. Make up your own story.

And as a lagniappe, here's a little video of some of the teenaged boy testosterone-fueled breakdancing going on in the Zocaro tonight. 

I will also say that there is nothing in this world I love more for pure sensuous pleasure than riding behind my husband on a moped in the Cozumel night, smelling the jungle, the sea, the little town, him, as we make our way back to where we have made our cozy home-for-this time, my skirts tucked up under my thighs, my eyes swoony in the darkness, the soft air kissing me everywhere it possibly can.

There isn't much more to say than that. 

Buenos noches...Senora Luna 


  1. I'm glad you reminded me! Please bring me back a bottle or two of XtabentĂșn. I love that stuff, sincerely.

  2. Mary you are absolutely radiant! Gorgeous woman! So romantic.

  3. Sweet Mary-In your happy place and so pleased for you. I have my child here and I couldn't be more glad for life and family. In my new house with all it's quirks.

    Love from your friend

  4. You've never looked prettier, happier, it's like you're glowing.
    I think I need to go to Cozumel.
    Bonking turtles. Heehee!!

  5. Ah, wow. I smiled my way through this whole post.

  6. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  7. oh it's just been far too long since I was there.

  8. I have never seen turtles doing the deed! And you look gorgeous and imperious and radiant and those skies!!!!! Oh those skies. Are you going to snorkel? That water is amazing.

  9. oh my. It shows. All of it shows on your beautiful face.
    Thanks for taking us along.

  10. I love this, love all of it.

  11. Sounds magical, and not just for the turtles. :)

  12. You look like May May in that photo. Beautiful!

    And the turtle is a typical damn male.


  13. You are so beautiful, and really so is your husband.


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