Saturday, May 9, 2015

Animals. Why?

Last night Maurice would not settle down. And we had the doors shut for the air conditioner. And she wanted me to get up and watch her eat and let her out. And then she wanted back in. And then she wanted out. And this morning she finally decided that I was sleeping too long and insisted, INSISTED, that I get up.
Jeez. It wasn't even nine.

I went out to let the chickens and ducks out. I opened the Biddie Box for Mama and Pretty and Precious. I reached down to pick up a little plastic container I put their feed in to fill it up and Mama raced across the coop and bit my hand, drawing blood.
Seriously, Mama? I am not going to hurt your babies you wild, fierce thing.

Came in the house. Maurice was chewing on a lizard in the hallway.

Happy Saturday morning. I guess I'm going to T-Ball to watch a different species of wild things attempt to play a game with rules for an hour.
Last week after the game I asked Mr. Moon how it had gone.
"Our best player just wants to sit in his mama's lap and cry," he said. He sounded a little frustrated.

I'm thinking the age limit on T-Ball should be reconsidered upwards a little bit.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm still thinking about the snake spit on the egg. *shiver*

  2. Oh dear! Maybe the moon is in a funny place or something. Everything does sound a little weird and wild today.

    I think Mr Moon is a hero for couching Tball. God! Not for me!

  3. You are such a good storyteller that your morning made me smile, but I'm thinking it actually was not too much fun ...

  4. yes, my Emma cat will do that. what? you are still asleep? get up get up GET UP! once I'm awake and getting up, she's all, my job is done here.

  5. Heartinhand- I know! It's sort of creepy.

    Jo- He's so cute out there with those babies. His hand covers one of their entire backs when he pats them to tell them they've done a good job.

    jenny_o- Nah. It was a fine morning. At least Mama didn't hurt me too bad and at least Maurice didn't bring in a bird.

    Ellen Abbott- I KNOW! I swear to god, that cat thinks she owns me or something.

  6. Mr Moon sure can sum up a situation can't he? This does sound as if the world is off kilter a bit, but the good and lovely things are intact.

    But lizards. That is one critter I grew up with that I was really happy to leave behind.

  7. I feel twinges of nostalgia -- T-ball!

  8. Sounds like Mr. Moon gets the stuff about kids and ball games. Cannot say that parents are very good role models at times for good sportsmanship.


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