Friday, May 8, 2015


When I took this picture of Owen I said, "This picture is going to be famous!"
Boy with elephant ear hat.

Oh, it's been an exciting day.

I set up the slip-n-slide. Gibson didn't want to participate. He has a fever as did his cousin Lenore last weekend. Which means that he was sweeter than ever. Which is pretty sweet.

I took this picture of Owen's hair because oh my god it grows just like his Boppy's. 

When the boys and I went out to collect eggs, this is what we saw.

Goddam oak snake, curled up in the duck nest, trying to swallow an egg. 
Luckily, Mr. Moon got home right then and caught the snake and did another wild-life re-location  project. We used the same bag and bit of twine. It was thrilling and the boys were excited. 

It's Friday night. I have a meatloaf and sweet potatoes in the oven. 
Martinis have been involved. 

That egg is in the meatloaf. I washed the snake spit off of it. 

The crowder peas are up. 

Maurice followed us out on our martini-walk. 

All is well. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love Friday nights in Lloyd.

  2. I know this is your blog and you can do whatevva you want, but could you at least consider putting a warning out? Like...don't look Ethel, it's a snake? I went from the warm and fuzzies looking at those cute little boy pics to A SNAKE!!! To be honest, I think I peed my pants a little.

  3. Yes, all well.

    Martinis and little boys, what could be better?

  4. Such cute pictures, except the snake of course. I am glad it was relocated. Wishing you (and me) a snake free summer. Gail

  5. OMGumdrops as Kyle and Hayden would say. Just the picture of the snake almost made me poop my pants. Yikes. I could never live there.

  6. Snake spit. Ew. I guess it's probably no ickier than snail slime...

  7. You, dear Ms. Moon, are the true authentic pioneer woman!

  8. That is one ambitious snake.

  9. I'm sorry to the Jainists among us, but I really want to kill that snake. And eat it. Snakemeat is good. And he needs to leave your poultry the fuck alone.

  10. I am glad you are one less snake! Are there a lot of them? Crap. They don't come into your house do they?

  11. That picture of Owen is timeless. It could be in a jungle or a thousand years ago. I love it.

    Slip n Slide!!

    I'm so glad I don't have to deal with snakes. Just rain. So much rain.

  12. Ps - I don't need snake warnings, but I would appreciate Spider warnings, so I have to say a phobia warning might be nice :)

  13. I love your snake pictures! Don't stop the snake pictures! Well, obviously I don't want you to find more snakes in your hen house. You know what I mean. (That sounded like a euphemism for something pleasantly dirty: a snake in your hen house.)

  14. Reminds me of a story about my great-grandmother Lucy Sweet Wilson in Mangum, Oklahoma. She went out to collect eggs for a cake and was enraged to find a snake had swallowed two of them.
    Well, she milked the snake, got the eggs, killed the snake, and made the cake.
    She had thirteen kids and wasn't going to take any nonsense from a mere snake when there was a cake to be made.

  15. well, at least he wasn't trying to swallow one of the little chicks.

  16. Carnage! Wildlife! Regular life! Snakes, boys, men, cats!
    Here, there was yoga. And then I pulled out the sofa and vacuumed behind it.

  17. Catrina- Oh my. Well. I guess I could try. I'm sorry if I upset you.

    liv- Martinis and BIG boys!

    Gail- It's like there's an Air BnB for snakes and somehow we got listed this year.

    Mr. Shife- Well, it's not for everyone. Which is probably why I love it so damn much.

    A- I have no idea but it sure is slippery.

    Angella- No I am not! I wouldn't touch that snake with a pitchfork! I swear to you.

    jenny_o- So true. Not the brightest snake in the henhouse, was he?

    NOLA- Honey, that's the THIRD snake. Glen did kill one of them. There is no end to them and frankly, I do not care to eat snake meat unless I find myself dying of protein deficiency.

    Birdie- Well, to be honest, I have found snakes twice in this house and once in another place i lived. They are good at catching mice. But I don't want one in my living space.

    Jo- So you're saying that you don't want to see the picture LIly took today of the HUGE mother spider with a thousand babies on its back?
    Isn't Owen beautiful?

    Mwa- Darlin'- have you been listening to timey blues songs? Heh-heh.

    Marty Damon- Now THAT'S a damn woman!

    Ellen Abbott- Exactly what we said.

    Denise- You are braver than I am. I NEVER pull the sofa out. Nor do I own a vacuum.

  18. Your Friday walkabouts are heavenly. I enjoy every one of them.

  19. Rescuing an egg from a snake's mouth to put it in your meatloaf. That's pretty awesome.

  20. I think it's time to start cooking those snakes.

  21. Ah well, I obviously didn't read the comments before I posted mine. If you don't like snake meat, so be it.

  22. Martinis are involved....yes, I can imagine after a rough day that would be the case.


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