Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sometimes I Feel Like I Have The Whole World, In My Hand

Let me just say that ducks don't seem to have a very long memory. Or maybe they do but they are the most cosmic of all creatures who choose to "be here now" and get on with the realities of life.
Whatever, Miss Lilly the duck seems to be going about her life unperturbed although what do I know? She is giving me an egg each day so at least that part of her life remains steady.

I just saw a hen jump over a squirrel.
I am not making this up.

Oh. And Mick just had sex with Miss Trixie.

This anole just stalked and snapped up a little bug on the screen. 

Man, there's a lot going on here this morning at the Church of the Batshit Crazy if you actually look beyond the bucolic peacefulness of all of it.

The baby chicks are getting their feathers for sure now and starting to grow little combs. They can flap and flutter their way up to perch on things in the coop. I just went out to try and take a picture of them but they are as wild as their mama and run from me although almost every time they see me, tasty treats seem to magically appear. A perfect illustration of how a parent's unreasonable paranoia can be transferred to her children.
Well, she is a very good and fierce mother.

The cucumbers are starting to bloom.

We are going to be eating cherry tomatoes soon.

The fig tree has more baby figs in it than I've ever seen. Will we get one ripe fig this year? Stay tuned. It would be so fine if we got a few. Enough for a couple of pints of preserves. I say this every year, don't I?

My giant-leafed begonia has its sprays of blossoms, delicate as tiny orchids.

And from yesterday.

Gibson on the porch swing beside me. We were swinging up a storm, trying to keep the mosquitoes off of him. I killed one on his forehead and said, "Sorry, baby. I was smashing a mosquito."
"Thank you!" he said.
Owen, however, was upset. He's currently going through a thing where ALL of nature is sacred and should not be killed. His Buddhist phase, perhaps.
"Don't kill nature!" he said.
"I'm sorry," I told him, "but if nature is sucking your brother's blood out, I am going to kill it. Mosquitoes are in no danger of extinction."

And then he proceeded to ask me about a whole lot of other animals which he worried MIGHT be in danger of extinction. Tigers and hippos and crocodiles and panda bears.
Sadly almost every animal he mention is endangered.
"Pterodactyls?" he asked.
"No. They're already extinct."
"But what about in the future? Will they be endangered then?"
"I'm not sure how that would work, darling."
"In my mind, they will be," he said. "Can it work like that? In the future, in my mind?"
"Maybe," I told him. And then I proceeded to tell him all about how he can create anything in his mind and that he can learn to write it all down, entire worlds he can create and that other people can read about the worlds he creates in books. If he wants to.
He got a dreamy look on his face.
"Television shows!" he said.


I'm going to go put on my overalls and get out in the garden for awhile.

Good morning, my dears. Good morning.


  1. I am always amazed by how fast everything grows in your garden there. It takes nearly two months to grow a cucumber or tomato here. Am I just underestimating the time from planting to harvesting in your area?

    Your grandkids are fine little guys.

  2. I have 15 meat birds and 6 egg birds under a heat lamp in the garage, my 13 year old boy spends hours with them. One had poopy butt so I had to wash it in the house, she objected throughout the whole procedure but I am sure she feels so much better without that dried on mound of shit stuck to her butt!

  3. Aw, that last photo is just adorable.

  4. It just occurred to me - I've seen baby chicks, and grown hens, but I have no idea what a teenage chicken looks like. See if you can get one of yours to stay still for a cameo.

  5. They look... scrawny :)

    Happy Day, Mary.


    she screamed

  7. We just went for an after dinner walk and saw four deer! Maybe even five - we weren't sure if we saw one twice. And a pheasant, and about twenty rabbits. Also lots of nature.

  8. jenny_o- Yes. I think you are underestimating. But I did just discover I have beans! Haha! And yes, my grandsons ARE very fine little guys.

    Big Mamabird- Good luck on actually killing those chickens for meat! Be aware- sometimes a really poopy chicken butt can mean an illness. You probably already know that.

    jo(e)- His eyebrows knock me out!

    Marty Damon- These littles aren't quite teenagers yet. I will try to get a picture. They are so shy!

    Radish King- I think of you EVERY TIME I look at my fig trees. Seriously and for real.

    Mwa- That is just terrific! Oh, how wonderful! Nature- but not too much!

  9. Nature seems more benign here. The worst we seem to get is wasps or ticks with Lyme.

  10. ah, yes, life is good and beautiful. people ask me how I am. I tell them that we have no work, that nobody is buying my art but life is good. well, I have plants to plant and it's not raining today...yet, so I best get out there.

  11. I tend to share Owen's concerns but not about mosquitoes.


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