Friday, May 29, 2015

I HOPE It's The Little Things That Matter

I know it's hard to see them but if you look carefully, you might see Mama and her babies there, pecking and scratching in the ivy. This is the big deal of the day and I sure do hope those chicks make it in the big wide world. I also hope that Mama takes them back into roost tonight.
Aw. Chickens.
It's crazy how much of my heart my chickens have managed to occupy. And the duck of course. And Maurice who held my hand in her paws for a long time last night while we slept. Usually, she holds my hand so she can bite it off and she was probably just too sleepy to bare her teeth and claws but still, it was sweetness.

It's a beautiful coolish day in Lloyd and I'm about to go make key lime pies.

I'm so boring I'm putting myself to sleep.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Key lime pies and chickens!? SO not boring. I wanna come over.

  2. It seems you've had a good week and Hank's party sounds like fun...Need to go ice my hand. Enjoy tomorrow.

  3. You are not boring - chicks in the underbrush and sweet kitties? And yes, I want pie too, of course. I've never had a key lime pie in my life. So sad.

  4. I think I will need chickens as well when the children leave the house. A husband never stays around that much.

  5. I missed the post that one of the ducks got eaten so I was wondering what happened when you only mentioned one duck. Are you going to get more?

    Norbert is exhausted from his day of doing nothing (again) and he is sleeping on the floor in front of me. That is his way of loving and being social. I will take it.

  6. I read on a blog recently that a rescue cat who had never played with her toys before suddenly started doing so after six years with her family. I think sometimes it takes awhile for the kindness and security to sink in. Maurice will mellow even more, I betcha.

  7. Happy birthday Hank and Happy Graduation Owen! Life sure moves along fast! Happy days to you too!


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