Sunday, May 10, 2015

Do You Have Your Corsage Yet?

I am about to cook SO MUCH BACON and am thinking about putting chocolate chips in Owen's pancakes.

That's my Mother's Day plan.

Mr. Moon has some idea that we're going to drive the convertible down to the coast later on to have our supper at Spring Creek. He's also setting up the little pool for the boys. I can't wait to see the ducks swimming around in it.

In honor of Mother's Day here's our special Sunday morning hymn from the Church of the Batshit Crazy, directed especially at those of us who may have been born in a crossfire hurricane. And of course also for those of us who may be toothless, bearded hags.

Let's just dance, y'all. Have a gas.


  1. Wonderful!

    (I couldn't resist.)

  2. Always say yes to chocolate chips!

  3. I have a 30 year old who remembers adopted grandma making chocolate chip pancakes when he was 5. And any day is a great day for bacon. Waiting for my bacon now, the 30 year old took me to brunch. Hugs to you, and thank you for the hymn of celebration!

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  5. I saw those boys when I was 15 and that was, um, 50 years ago---they are still the greatest rock bank EVER.

    I saw the expensive Rolling Stones book in the book store today and thought of you...

    XX B

  6. jo(e)- Haha! I can't help but love it. Thank you. WONDERFUL comment.

    Jill- I think that everyone actually had enough bacon. It might be a record.

    jenny_o- Owen ate all of his pancakes. He had no idea that sweet potatoes, bananas, apples and oat bran were in there too.

    Denise- It was a stellar day.

    Cathy H-S- Aw. I love that. All of it. Thank you.

    e- And to YOU! One of the best mothers ever.

    Sweet Jo- Thank you, darling. It was.

    Lisa Page Rosenberg- And happy Mother's Day to you. Your son is growing up so gorgeous and smart. Bob. I love him.

    Angella- You are SO in my heart.

    Beth- Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.
    I love you.

  7. oh yes...mother's day. I have no living mother but if she was still living she would no doubt be disappointed by whatever she received and in the day. nothing could ever live up to her expectations. I however was happy just to hear from my two children.

  8. Mother's Day seems like just another day for us. It reminds me that we have no mothers or children. We will make happy in another way.


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