Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fair Trade In Love

I paid Owen a dollar for a foot massage today.

And then he made me a picture of a spider for free. 

How I adore that child. 


  1. Do you have a special place that you keep all this wonderful art?

  2. If all spiders could be surrounded by hearts they would be so much less disgusting. Owen gave you a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

  3. That is a pretty spider in my world! What perfect trades!

  4. I love the carefully counted eight eyes, but then the 'fuck it' on the legs.

  5. We LOVE spiders! I'm laughing at MWA's comment. :)

  6. how well he writes his name! and all those hearts. what a prince.

  7. What a sweetheart!

    And I'm laughing at Mwa's comment, too!

  8. Birdie- Yes. Walls and refrigerator. Ha!

    Kelly- I agree.

    Joanna- He's such a love.

    Denise- Win-win.

    Mwa- Right? He asked me how many legs they had and I told him. I think he got a little carried away there.

    Steve Reed- Me too!

    Ellen Abbott- I think we'll keep him.

    Angella- He told me that those hearts showed all the love he has for me.

    jenny_o- Mwa said it best, didn't she?

  9. Ok, that spider I can do with :)


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