Saturday, May 2, 2015

Beach Day

As you can see, it was an outstanding day at St. George Island. Owen did not come because he went with his daddy and his uncle to go see that movie that everyone wanted to go see (don't ask me what) and also, it was Free Comic day and well, I don't understand that either but Gibson loved being the only boy, I think. He got ALL the attention from his mama, his Aunt Jessie, his Uncle Vergil, his Boppy, his Uncle Hank and his Mer Mer and I'm pretty sure I've never seen a child who loves the beach as much as he does. He is completely joyful whether in the water or on the sand, rolling around in pure tongue-out joy. He may have been a labrador in his last lifetime. He never quit moving.
Vergil and Jessie brought their awesome inflatable kayak and Vergil took Mr. Moon out to fish in it. Gibson hitched a ride in from the water when they brought it in.

All in all, it was a spectacular day, cool and sunny and perfect.

On the way home we stopped at a restaurant called The Pearle in Lanark and although the decor looks like what it was-a former convenience store- the food was delicious and it came fast. And the servers were very attentive and we enjoyed our shrimps and scallops and oysters and grouper so much.

Now we're home, the chickens are all safe, and we are ready for bed. I think we'll all sleep well tonight.

The moon is rising all round-bellied and silver, the frogs are singing in the swamp.

I love Florida, even with all of its insanity. I truly do.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. There is nothing like a beach day. Sleep well.

  2. The pictures are wonderful -- that one of Mr. Moon kneeling down next to Gibson and the one of all the gulls and Gibson.

  3. Re. Florida, I do too.

    Gibson rolling around with his tongue out reminds me a lot of Olga! Although that picture of him covered with sand just makes me wince. I hate being sandy.

  4. Gibson looks tinier in these photos compared to others I remember seeing - probably because he's next to the big men. I'm glad he had his alone time to cherish. He is just beautiful.

  5. Beach days are magical. I cannot wait for my next few days on the boat and the beach.

  6. It doesn't get much better than a beautiful day at the beach. Gail

  7. That photograph of Gibson rolling in the sand made me laugh. He IS like a labrador! What a sweet day for him to have the focused attention of all of you. Heaven. Looks like heaven all around.

  8. Denise- I slept better than well! I slept magnificently!

    Angella- It was! Happy birthday, darling!

    Elizabeth- It was a photo-op day.

    Steve Reed- Most humans do not enjoy being sandy. Gibson couldn't get enough of it. I feel certain that he'll be finding sand in various orifices for weeks.

    Joanne- His new haircut makes him look so different. He's just such a gorgeous child. In my opinion, at least.

    Jo- It was!

    Syd- I envy you, my dear friend!

    Gail- Nope!

    Andrea- We laughed A LOT!

  9. I bet his mama will be finding sand for days!


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