Monday, May 4, 2015

Fun Is Good. You Can Quote Me On That

I had the very best time today. I mean... I mean... I MEAN... the very best time.
My girls and I sat in a row and let people massage our legs and feet and cut our toenails and scrub at our calluses and I paid for the hot stone massage and it was as good as a hit of Ecstasy.
Well, almost. Plus, legal.
We set our chair massager functions on auto and let those chairs have their way with us. We chatted, we giggled, we moaned, we bitched, we laughed gut laughs.

I love my girls so much. 

I just went to take a picture of my feet but they're already dirty again and the color I chose is so pale you can't even tell it's there. Jessie and May chose the same color and Lily got a color not unlike that little rose I posted a picture of last night. Ironically, I wanted pink because she'd painted her own nails pink before we went to the beach and I thought they were so pretty that I wanted the same. Anyway, it was lovely. Just lovely. 
"Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you," I told the lady who did my pedicure. And I tipped her good. 
Then we went shopping in the darling shop next door which has all sorts of fun stuff for home and body and clothing too. There'd been a dress hanging outside that we all loved and May and Jessie made me try it on (they did! I swear!) and it felt so summery and there was a customer in there who told me it looked great on me and so I bought it. 
Here it is.

Little ol' hippie dress. My summer wardrobe is now completely complete. I may have to make Mr. Moon take me out to supper soon. 
It even has pockets!
I won't be putting eggs in those pockets though. Perhaps a hankie. And by the way, Gibson calls Hank "Hankie" these days. Which cracks me up. "Hankie?" he says. "What?" says his uncle. Or maybe it's "Hanky." Yeah. Probably. Which also reminds me of the first time Lis went with me to The Fresh Market. We walked in, the lighting on the beautifully arranged foods made the place look like an art gallery and classical music was playing.
"I think I need a hankie," said Lis. 
She cracks me up too. 

Owen lost another tooth. And when I say "lost," I mean lost. His daddy pulled it with a string and when it came out, it flew somewhere across the room and disappeared. He is going to leave the tooth fairy a note explaining the situation. Here's what he looks like. Sorry for the corn chip crumbs. 

Anyway, it was all just a beautiful afternoon. Mr. Moon has dug some potatoes from the garden and we are going to eat those tonight along with some of the chicken he grilled on Friday and some broccoli and maybe some snow peas. Something. I don't know. Whatever, it will be good. 

And I feel really good about something I did on my walk today. After months of walking over the remains of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, watching their bodies crumble further and further into shiny specks of ceramic color on the road, I finally reached down and picked up the poor little heads and brought them home.

I have no idea what I am going to do with them. Glue them onto something, I suppose. It just seemed wrong to leave them there, earless and suffering in the elements. They seem pretty happy to be here, don't they?

I've been feeling so good lately and I'm not sure why. I've started taking my anti-depressant far later in the day and maybe that has something to do with it. I have no idea but I am so vastly grateful. Perhaps I'm just on a manic roll- I did buy that dress. AND a slip to go under it but damn, the slip is cute. Whatever. I'm just happy to be content, to be able to not only see my blessings and the beauty around me, the love I receive on every side, but to feel it all too. 
Ain't gonna look this gift horse in the mouth. Just going to be glad of it and ride it as long as it will carry me. 

Here I go to pick peas. 

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. I almost forgot! They couldn't see anything in Gibson's nose at all except the things that are supposed to be there. They told Lily to keep an eye on how it smells. That if it's still there and starts to get infected, she'll be able to smell it. I told her the same thing yesterday. But as she said this morning, the one time you DON'T take your kid to the doctor, that'll be the time something horrible happens. And as I told her, "And then it will ALL BE YOUR FAULT!"
Which is how it goes, isn't it?


  1. Ooo, I love that dress - the colours, the style. Can we see it on, when Mr Moon takes you out?

    Yep, it's always your mama's fault, whatever is wrong with ya :)

  2. I too love that dress. It is so you. How fun to get a little spa in your day with your girls too. Actually your days have been pretty great lately and I'm so glad. Owen losing his precious teeth and Gibson calling his uncle Hanky - all so sweet. And you are relishing it which is wonderful. It's lovely to come here and partake in your days.

  3. You and your girls together like that. Beats any anti depressant! You all look so happy. Pure joy.

  4. That dress is wonderful!
    Mickie and Minnie look a bit like lost teeth.

  5. My sister had a mushroom in her nose once, for aaaages. It did go bad and stink. She still has a bit of a trauma.

  6. That's a great dress, and yay for picking up the Mickey and Minnie heads! I like them that way -- slightly battered. Gives them character. Amazing that Owen is on such a tooth-losing roll! Glad you're feeling good. :)

  7. So much goodness in this post. What a full day. A full life. Especially the little things like lost teeth and things stuck up noses. And I am glad you saved those earless mice heads.

  8. good for you. it's fun to buy something on impulse sometimes. when we went to Brookwood, they were having some kind of art/craft fair which consisted mostly of clothes and jewelry and I bought a white ! blouse with white embroidery at the top and hem and on the sleeves. this is so unlike me. I never wear white because I am always in the shop or in the garden. and like you all my companions said how good it looked on me.

  9. Jenny_o- Heh! We'll see on the picture thing. And it IS always the mama's fault. If she'd never had you, you wouldn't have any problems at all.

    Joanne- Yep. Been a pretty good balance lately. I've enjoyed partaking in my days too!

    Angella- We had such a good time.

    Denise- You are right! They do!

    Mwa- I'm traumatized just hearing that story.

    Steve Reed- Mickey and Minnie are SURVIVORS!

    Jill- Those mice heads will probably be rolling around here forever.

    Ellen Abbott- One never finds anything when one is shopping on purpose. That's my experience anyway. I bet that shirt does look beautiful on you! And I like white because you can bleach it.

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your dress. I would totally wear that, if my legs were skinnier ;) And my belly...

    I'm wondering could Owen put the mouse heads under his pillow instead of the tooth?

    I am jealous of your pedicures. But then, Lily's lil face is just so very sweet, how could I be :)

  11. It is all so good. Even reading this a day later when the anxiety is sitting in your lap it is good. Or it will be. Right?

  12. Ugh, Mwa, that must have smelt so bad. NASTY!

  13. I missed reading here yesterday and am getting all caught up. I LOVE the dress!


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