Thursday, May 21, 2015

Some Party, Some Stay Home And Dig In The Dirt

I'm about to go into town to shop at the Costco with Lily and Jessie and I'm feeling spacey and my left wrist (the one I broke as a teenager) aches and my hand is numb and I realize I overdid it yesterday outside.
I am not a kid.
Hell, I'm not even fifty.

Anyway, la-di-dah and here's another guy not a kid.

The Stones played a club in Los Angeles last night to kick off their tour of the USA. Dude is looking GOOD!

Here's what you missed, Elizabeth.

Who knows? You might have gotten to sit right between Bruce Willis and Jack Nicholson.

Well. Here I am, all the way across the country, a day late and a dollar short.

Chickens and ducks are alive. Garden is thriving. Costco awaits.

Long live us all.


  1. Shopping with your daughters. Sounds like a good day ahead.

  2. Costco to me sounds like quite the adventure. I imagine a huge hall with endless shelves and everything you can buy. I get very excited about Anglo-Saxon supermarkets. Ours are much smaller and more sensible.

  3. My favourite thing about holidays is going to Foreign Supermarkets. I know that's pathetic, but still... Exotic Biscuits!

    Mwa, I love your Tolkeinesque vision of Costco :)

  4. the man that does my tree work was telling me today about a lady he went to talk to about some work. she was riding her mower when he got there and she was telling him that her boys were getting older now they were in their 70s. how old are you, he asked . I'll be 95 tomorrow she says. then she told him about the rattlesnake in her yard that she pinned the head of with a forked stick and picked it up by it's tail. drop that snake and let me kill it her neighbor said. nah, she says, she doesn't kill things and she carried it down the road and let it go.

  5. I am going to see the Stones next month. A once in a lifetime experience. I'll say Hey to Keith from you!

  6. The Rolling Stones have certainly kept their energy fresh. Speaks well for fun. I love Ellen Abbott's story!

  7. Angella- So incredibly lucky I am to be out and about with these beautiful full-of-life daughters of mine. Yes. It was good.

    Mwa- It's sort of like an entire warehouse full of stuff. Some of it is completely unnecessary and some of it is just such a deal. And you always spend over a hundred dollars. But you won't have to buy toilet paper or olive oil for at least eight months after you shop there!

    Jo- Me too! One of my favorite destinations in Mexico is the grocery store. I promise you.

    Ellen Abbott- How I would love to be that woman! I somehow doubt I will be.

    Not Blank- Where are you going to see them?

    A- Fun. Yes. And sheer perseverance!


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