Thursday, May 7, 2015

Listen Up!

Well, goodness. I got an e-mail the other day that my teeny-tiny e-book, Don't Make Me Say Goodbye, is now available as an audio book on Audible. I hadn't even been able to bring my own self to listen to it but I just now went to the site where you can order it and listened to a sample and it's not so bad. I mean, the narrator. I can't judge the writing because it's mine.

It's so odd how extremely shy I am about this little book. I'm not ashamed of it. Not at all. I can't even begin to explain how I feel about it. But anyway, it's already out there in the world and now you can listen to it. Here's the link again.

It's all of $2.99 or free with a 30-day trial membership. 
So. There you go. 

Make me rich and famous and I'll make biscuits for you. 
How's that?

Love...Ms. Moon

P.S. Don't get me wrong. I really am proud of this. And if you've read the e-book version (available HERE or HERE) and haven't left a review, please do. Same deal as with the audio book- I get rich and famous and YOU GET BISCUITS! 


  1. I absolutely loved your stories. Even more than I expected to, because I guess I thought they'd be .. .the same? as your blog, but they weren't, they were very separate and writery and compelling. Please do some more!

  2. I'm ordering it whether you like the narrator's voice or not. And since I'm not you, I'll judge the writing, too. It's a wonderful, deeply emotional story.

  3. I bought the book a while ago but only recently finished it. I loved it. Every word. ~Sarah M.

  4. Insanely excited about this. You absolutely effing rule.

  5. What??? That is SO exciting. I keep meaning to download and read but havent only because II don't like reading on the screen. This thrills me, though I wish you were the reader. I know we will all get biscuits. Audible here I come. Yay! Congrats!

  6. I loved your book. I agree with the above commenter that if you were reading it would be just awesome!

  7. I very much liked the writing in the sample, although I would have preferred you as the narrator like other commenters have said.

  8. Excellent! Congrats on the audio book! I can only imagine how weird it would be to hear my words being read by someone else.

  9. Read. Reviewed. Ages ago. Because you are fabulous! x

  10. Jo- No, they are very different from my blog. They are fiction, of course, which is different, of course.
    I'm glad you enjoyed them.

    Elizabeth- You are so sweet. Dang.

    Sarah M- Thank you! I'm glad!

    Gradydoctor- No, honey. YOU rule.
    But thank you.

    Bethany- That makes me happy.

    Angella- All due to you, my love.

    Joanne- I wish they'd asked me to read it. Of course, they don't know what a fabulous reader I am. Haha!

    jenny_o- Thanks, sweetie.

    Steve Reed- Possibly one of the weirdest things in the world.

    Mwa- You are the fabulous one, dear. I can't wait to read YOUR book. It will happen.

  11. Really great news! And exciting for you.

  12. seerance- I am glad. Thank you.


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