Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Layin' Low, Movin' Slow

Lily texted me early this afternoon to ask if I was okay because I hadn't posted anything.
I told her that I was and that I just hadn't felt like I had anything to say.
"Not that that's ever stopped me," I said.

I still don't really have anything to say. I went to the store. I worked in the garden. I got some more cucumber seeds planted as well as three watermelon plants and six cantaloupe plants. I figured I might as well go for the plants rather than the seeds because I'm already so late.

Okay. So I just looked, really, at this spray I use on the ants. It's cool.
It's 5% rosemary oil and the rest of it is water, wintergreen oil, mineral oil, carbon dioxide and lecithin.
You could practically use it in salad dressing.

So there is that. It looks like this:

It is more practical for me to use than borax because borax can only be sprinkled on flat surfaces and this stuff can be sprayed on the wall where the ants are marching in columns of thousands. And on the baseboards. And yeah, it smells really strong but it does dissipate.

So gosh. I think that's about all I have to say. I don't feel philosophic or funny or even pissed off. I'm just...here. Digging in the dirt and spraying ants with rosemary oil. It's not much of a life, but it's mine.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Thank you, Lily. I kept checking back here too. That looks like a very good ant spray. I like knowing you're there. More than you could ever imagine. xo

  2. I was checking too. I haven't commented recently, had company and had a stomach bug. I will be looking for that ant spray. Gail

  3. I hate ants. Just hate them. I swell up so badly when they bite it's just ridiculous. Thanks for posting, now we know all is well.

  4. Angella- And me you. Always.

    Gail- Oh god. I hope you didn't have company AND the stomach bug at the same time! It's pretty good ant spray. That's the only thing I've ever used it for. Just ants.

    Allison- Ants are probably the most important creatures on this planet but dang- they sure can inflict pain. Yep. All is very well.

  5. Oooh, I wonder if we have a spray like that here. I dislike the chemically ones, and we always have ants at some point in the summer. And earwigs. But that's a different topic.

  6. This is a profound post, mainly because we have a legion of ants looking for water, and I'm loathe to use Raid. Thank you!

  7. So the biggest question is, does that ant spray WORK? I guess since you're still using it, it must. It DOES sound like salad dressing, LOL!

  8. When I bought my house there was a bad ant problem. Those stakes that go in the ground really worked, as long as I put enough in. I have to put new ones in every couple of years, but they work and that makes me happy. Sorry ants, I don't hate you on principle but you are not allowed to overrun my house.

  9. Sounds like my day! Just here, digging in the dirt, and living life. A good life too!


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