Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How Much Of Your History Would YOU Clear?

I had never cleared my browsing history because...who cared? I don't visit sites that I would be ashamed of and this is my laptop. Even if it fell into the hands of strangers what would they discover about me that could be damaging? That I love Rolling Stones videos? That videos of home births are something I sometimes watch? That occasionally I peruse the UK Daily Mail? That I read a whole lot of blogs? That I'm obsessed with looking at houses for rent in Cozumel? That gay rights are very important to me?
So what, chicken butt?
But, today I decided to do it because why not? And this is what made me laugh- you can choose options of how much to clear from one hour to..."the beginning of time."
Which is what I chose.
Pretty funny.

Here's another good thing from today: my daughter Lily informed me (and what would I do without my kids?) that there are actually two more books after Sword of Storms that are already written and out and a new one is coming out this spring. This eased my pain of having finished the 39th and last disc of Sword of Storms. I reserved the next one at the library and glory of glories, only two people are ahead of me on the list. Within months, at least, I will be listening to those tales again.

Beyond those two things and one anxiety-fueled walk in which I finished listening to my book and don't remember much else from, it's been one of those days. I almost laugh, thinking of how smug I was yesterday about how good I'd been feeling. I went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of groceries which is the appropriate thing to do, I suppose, including stuff to make chicken enchiladas. If they sold tequila at Publix, I would have bought some. They do not. Not at my Publix, anyway. This is probably a good thing.

I cooked a scrambled egg and mixed it with yogurt to give to Mama Hen and her chicks. I served it on a piece of bread. They loved it and ate every morsel and crumb. My duck, Willy, has something wrong with her butt for sure. She's not hanging with her lover/companion and when she walks, she walks butt-side down which is not how ducks walk. I do not think she has a stuck egg because I got two duck eggs today and that's all they lay. All the rest of the birds have gone into the coop to eat their dinner and get their last sips of water and Willy is in the pond. She must be in pain. She is not even calling to Lilly. She is just floating.
And to further prove I am a bad bird-mama, I let the whole flock into the coop not realizing that one of the babies was not in the biddie box with Mama and sibling and now she or he is peeping like crazy and there's no way in this world I can catch her. Luckily, the other chickens don't seem to be too worried about her. I just hope the rest of the birds go on to the roost soon so the baby can get back to her mother.

Another thing I did today was to call my dentist and make an appointment for tomorrow. I've been trying to ignore some pain and swelling in the right side of my jaw for some time now, and today I just couldn't any more. This may be the source of my anxiety or my anxiety may be making me freak the fuck out about the jaw. Do I have another abscess? I can't even imagine going through what I went through before. Either way, this is not a sane grown-woman reaction but by this time tomorrow I will know what's going on.

In the meantime, here we are. I have a baking dish filled with chicken and beans and onions and garlic and chopped greens and mushrooms and tomatoes and three kinds of peppers all rolled up in corn tortillas, the extras just piled on top and cheese on all of that. Feliz Cinco de Mayo and blah, blah, blah.

Willy is back with her companion and walking normally, the baby chick has stopped peeping so maybe she's under Mama's wings. I'll go check in a moment. Mr. Moon will be home soon. I have the sprinklers on the garden and the beans are blossoming and the cucumbers and squash and eggplant and peppers and tomatoes are still alive. Last night we ate potatoes and peas from the garden with a cream sauce and it was delicious.

Yes. The babies are both under Mama's wings. They are now tucked up safe.

I would wish that for all of us- to be tucked up safe, knowing that we are being protected and kept warm, no matter what comes. And that our dreams are sweet.

Much love...Ms. Moon


  1. At work I clear my history since the beginning of time every day. I wish I could clean my house as easily.

  2. So. How exactly do I clear my history since the beginning of time. I suppose I can google it.

  3. I clear my history from time to time because it's supposed to make things run quicker. But I've never noticed that it has.

    From the beginning of time - hah!

    May you have a good sleep and a good day tomorrow.

  4. I clean my history often because like jenny_o said it is supposed to make things run faster. I also have been told it is for security purposes if you do online banking or use PayPal.

    Is the duck maybe in something like heat? Do ducks go into heat? I don't know. I do know that Norbert has been fixed and yet every spring he goes a little extra loopy.

    I hope this comment finds you feeling a little better. Or a lot better.

  5. I feel the same way about my browsing history/life. It's an open book. but I do research some weird shit for short stories and such. I'm a writer. It's a pretty good excuse for everything.
    I'm so glad the ducks and chicks issues resolved. That's a bit of anxiety.
    So sorry about the dental stuff. I feel exactly the same way. Freak out time. Give me drugs. Lots. Wishing you luck.

  6. Good luck with the dentist. That kind of thing can really be a bug.
    As for clearing browsing history, life's too short. And sometimes I find it useful to rediscover a page, just sometimes.

  7. I'm glad the baby is safe and Willy is back with Lily. I wonder if Willy has some kind of infection? I suppose a duck could get a UTI just like a dog or cat or human.

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  9. I clear my browsing history everyday, like the others said, to make things runs faster. I hope Willy is feeling better today. So sorry you have to go back to the dentist. Gail

  10. Stupid question... if I wanted to grow pinto beans, could I just plant a few of the ones I get at the grocery to eat?

  11. The dry, not cooked ones that is :)

  12. Not Blank- I had the same thought.

    Angella- Go to "history" in your browser. Maybe?

    jenny_o- Bless my heart, I almost always sleep really well. It is my blessing. The dreams suck but I do sleep.

    Birdie- I don't think that was the problem. She laid a weird thin-shelled egg today and seems to be fine now. I think things just get wonky sometimes.

    Denise- Better living through chemicals. That's what I say.

    A- I know! They will always be magic for me.

    Jenny Woolf- I never go back through my history so that is a moot point. But I can only imagine that if I did, I would find some really cool stuff.

    Steve Reed- I feel that the problem is more mechanical rather than bacterial. Know what I mean? Domestic birds- they only have one passage. Bless their little egg-laying hearts.

    Gail- Well, my dentist is a good guy and I am grateful for that. I think my internet may be running a little bit better. Maybe.

    Stephanie- I think so. But you might want to soak them overnight before you stick them in the dirt. And you need a pretty good row of them. I think. I wish I knew more, sweetie.
    But I'm pretty sure they will grow.

  13. nope, have never cleared my history. sometimes I go back in there looking for a website I visited. it's been so long since I read those books I may have to start over when the new and last one comes out next spring.


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