Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Granny Goodwitch

Maurice the gardening cat poses beside a small rosemary I just planted today. I've lost my mind this year with gardening and I know it's because for once, I've stayed on top of the weeds and I keep mulching, mulching, mulching which means raking up leaves and hauling them to the garden and I can pluck this blade of nutgrass and that blade of nutgrass and it's nothing like facing an entire garden-full of nutgrass.

After I took care of the boys for a little while today, I went to the nursery and bought a new packet of purple hull peas to replace the one I accidentally washed last night. I can't stay out of the damn nursery!

But why should I? It's beautiful!
I bought my pack of peas and the rosemary was buy one, get one and so I did. 

I came home and weeded and mulched and raked and mulched and planted the two little rosemary's, a good row of purple hull peas. What am I going to do if all of this food comes in? Have you ever sat down to shell a basket of peas? Field peas or black-eyed peas or crowder peas? 
I have. 
Oh my. Perhaps my children will come out for pea-shelling parties. It could happen, I suppose. 

And actually, I am not going to count either my chickens or my peas until they are hatched and for now, at this time of this life, for whatever reason, I am loving the planting and the tending like I never have before. Perhaps it is my own response to pregnant daughters. Whatever it is, it's keeping me out of the pool halls. 


And Maurice is there to help. She neither offers advice nor actually does a damn thing but watch. Still, she encourages me. She keeps me company. She makes me smile. I sure am glad she picked my porch to meow upon a little over a year ago. 
I sure am glad she's here. I just love that cat. 
And she, being a cat, would die before she'd let me know that she gives one good damn about any of that and she continues to pretend that she is never following me but merely somehow, some way, just shows up wherever I am. 
Unless she has something better to do.

I couldn't ask for more in a companion. 
Lord. I have become an old lady and that reminds me- when I was leaving the nursery today to get into my car, a little child in a car next to mine called out, "Hey Granny!" when I walked by. The woman in the car was so embarrassed and apologized but I thought it was lovely.
"Do I look like a granny?" I asked the child.
"Yes!" he said. 
"Well, I am," I told him. And then I got in my car and drove away to come home and do my granny things which are making me ever-so happy. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Pregnant daughters. That phrase just stopped me with wonder.

  2. Some of my best memories of being a kid are when I was sitting on the porch of my grandmother's house shelling field peas, butter beans, and snapping green beans. I called both of my grandmothers "Granny" and that is what all three of my grandkids call me. Congratulations on the baby news by the way. Two new grandbabies by the beginning of next year, how wonderful!

  3. Four and two months before I was born 2 cousins arrived. After I was born, 2 more came. My nana was over the moon! And we, oh the fun we had! 5 cousins (4 on one side of the family) born within 13 months of each other. Your newest grandbabies are going to be close like siblings.

    That Maurice. So aloof and yet he needs you.

  4. First, I love the nursery. I can't go without buying something. I desperately miss having a yard of my own and a garden.

    Second, I keep thinking about Lily and the new baby and how happy that made me today at work to read your posts from the last few days. And wistful that I'm done having babies.

    Third. I love that cat of yours too.

  5. I have shelled peas! And, when in the right mood, it's a wonderful thing to do. Have a good day, granny!

  6. Ha! That's so funny, about the kid in the car. Maybe he could sense something of your excitement about your expanding family. :)

    Cats really ARE the perfect companions. I mean, I love my dog, but she CAN be a bit demanding at times. Cats, never!

  7. Hey Granny! Maurice is the best.

  8. that's what mine call me...Granny. I tell their friends they can call me granny, mom, or ellen but none of that Mrs. stuff.

  9. my cat too. she comes and keeps me company when I am out in the yard.

  10. Sweet granny story :) And indeed, you are a wonder granny several times over.

    I love to see how your garden grows.

  11. Lovely post. As always. I love to read about your days of gardening and grandmothering.

  12. Our garden is doing well. But I have to get on top of the weeds this week. And it is supposed to rain--oh well, good to garden in the rain.


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