Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cold, Windy, Beautiful

Jesus it's chilly and windy here.
Maurice and I woke up at three, both of us on high alert. The wind was gusting and sending branches to the ground and I think a critter was walking in the dry leaves. A possum, a coon. It took us a long time to go back to sleep and it was truly Halloween-like, a bit creepy, and we finally drifted back off to sleep in our mountain of covers.

It's clear as can be here this morning and I'm gearing up to go to town to help Hank move and go see St. Vincent. I am very excited about both of these things.

I reach out to stroke Maurice but she's having none of it. My hands are cold. She is shining in the sun, a flame of orange on a cold day. We need to go make our breakfast and if Mr. Moon were here I would make pancakes but he is not. My pansies are starting to stand up and once again, I wonder why the word "pansy" has come to represent something weak when the flowers themselves are so cold-hardy, so strong in their lives, their beautiful blooms, their velvet faces.

Good morning from Lloyd. How much chocolate did YOU eat last night?
I ate my share. That's all I'm saying.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I'm sure it was no fun to wake up so early, but it sounds kind of cozy to huddle under the covers with Maurice, listening to the wind. What is "St. Vincent" -- a movie?

  2. I woke up at exactly same time. Cat on bed because her favorite boy human was not home. So windy. So much anxiety for me. I really want to see

  3. Continued.....
    St Vincent too.
    Michele r

  4. I ate way too much candy last night and bought some 50% off at Publix today, I really need to stop. I had to laugh when my son send me a text to not open the door for just anybody last night. Nothing scary here just little ones. Gail

  5. I ate five small Kitkats, standing.

  6. Again bought candy. I should know better - we're on a dead end off of a dead end off of a big hill. The only kids we've ever seen are the girls up the street and they're in high school now.
    Thus, no trick or treaters.
    My candy tally: one small marshmallow pumpkin (it was a gift - what could I do?), two tiny M&M bags, six small Heath bars.

  7. Ugh. I escaped my own candy-bowl glut into the one in my brother's household. I'm weak. It's cold and windy here, too. And I need that chocolate to stay warm, right?

  8. I have one piece of chocolate every night before bed so that is what I did. No Halloween candy in the house makes it easier to stay away! That said, we ordered pizza last night and that was about 2000 calories. I should have gone with the candy.

  9. I sent you something in the mail today. It has 0 dollar value, but I thought you might like it, if you don't have one already. I just put your name and lloyd, fl and the zip code, I hope you get. Gail

  10. We had the cutest little goblins this year. It was perfect Trick or Treat weather--cool and crisp.
    My candy tally 2 mini-Snickers bars.
    This morning Joe unwrapped all the uneaten candy and put it all out for the raccoons. (It's hard being married to such a virtuous man....)

  11. I ate about ten bags of Cheetos today. In my defense, there's about three Cheetos per bag.
    I've been reading. Tried to comment yesterday but the internet ate it.
    I'm trying to catch up.

  12. Steve Reed- Yes! A movie!

    Michele R- It was so good. The movie. Not the waking up at three. As you know.

    Gail- I saw the half-off candy at Publix. I walked on by. Now if I would only throw out the rest of the candy I have.

    Elizabeth- No one sits down to eat purloined Halloween candy. That would imply that we MEANT to eat it.

    Marty Damon- Haha! I love how we keep a tally.

    Denise- Most definitely. Chocolate is famous for its warmth-producing abilities.

    ditchingthedog- I hear you, girl. At least you didn't eat both.

    Gail- How lovely! Thank you. It should probably get here just fine.

    Florence- Whoa! That is a little too virtuous if you ask me.

    heartinhand- I love Cheetos. I think I dreamed about them after reading your comment. It makes me so sad to think that the internet would eat your comments like we eat candy.


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