Friday, November 21, 2014

Like The Loch Ness Monster, Now Caught On Camera

There. There is the kitten and it is the absolutely most darling thing I've ever seen in my life. She actually let me look at her for a microsecond this morning and I took that picture with my phone held outside the dog door while she was eating.
She is probably a he though, since most orange cats are. Maurice is an exception as well as being exceptional but that's another story.
She's run up onto the back porch steps several times now but flees like a bandit when she sees me.
However, there is hope that she can be tamed, I think. And Lily wants her. Or him.

So that is the big, big news in Lloyd this morning.

Now I think I'll take a walk.

Happy Friday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That is great news about the kitten. I just chased off an eagle, it killed an armadillo, I thought it was after the chicken. Scared the crap out of me, too much nature right here in the city. Gail

  2. Gail- Seriously? An eagle killed an armadillo? How is that even possible? Jesus.

  3. I don't know, but the eagle was on the ground, which is strange to me in itself. I ran out to scare it away and there is a dead armadillo in my neighbors yard right where the eagle was standing. Gail

  4. I have had many feral cats over the years. The one I have currently took a while to warm up but now waits for me to come home, greets me with a chirp, cries for laptime each evening and wakes me up whenever my Mom gets up during the night. Feral cats can not only be tamed, but make great companions.


  5. I am unnaturally happy about Lily taking that kitten (if it works out). I love orange cats!

  6. Hooray! She/he will have a home! Now I must go read the next installment in this saga b/c I see from Facebook that there has been a capturing and bloodshed.

  7. Very cute. Glad that Lily wants the little kitten.


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